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Yadea G5 | Full Review

Established in the year 2001, Yadea Group Holdings, is headquartered in Shanghai, China. Popular in the Asian market, it is pretty well-renowned globally and stands as the No.1 brand selling electric vehicles in the world and has the world’s largest production capacity of electric two-wheelers.

“Yadea is one of the very first asia and consistent supporters of the FIFA world cup 2022. Yadea has represented south asian countries in the 2018 and 2022 FIFA world cup.” Yadea Electric scooters are specially known for its power, tech savvy features, luxury and premium products and the value it gives to its buyers.

This is an elegant, bold and strong looking electric scooter. The Hollywood actor Vin Diesel being the face of the brand adds major boldness to the brand image. The most attractive part of the scooter is the 7 inch VA LCD display console on the top of the scooter. This is one of the largest display screens on any electric or petrol scooter available in Nepal. The digital display shows speed indicators, battery level, indicator lights and other important information for the rider. Additionally, the brightness setting is adjustable too this console also supports bluetooth connectivity. The entire lighting system is LED. Top front section looks super elegant and has a sleek headlight placed a little lower than usual. With ample legroom area we can find a storage hook, a small bottle storage compartment and a charging port too. Major highlight of the rear section is the very comfortable seating arrangement. The Pillion seat even comes with grab handles and back support. Under this seat, we can find a massive 26 liter underseat storage. As the battery compartment is perfectly adjusted under the leg room, users are able to enjoy such a massive underseat storage. One simple YADEA branding is done on the entire body of the scooter which shows how simple yet premium it is. The logo designed brake lamps and futuristic looking tail lamps are LED too.

“Yadea’s sleek, premium yet futuristic design has been elegantly integrated all over the

scooters body”


“Major highlight is the battery system of YADEA.”

Yadea G5 is equipped with the 60V 32AH Panasonic Lithium 18650 cells technology, intelligent battery management system. The intelligent BMS is able to prevent the scooters battery from short circuits, over current, over temperature, short line, over charge and over discharge and other additional features makes the BMS system to help set the battery on Auto ECO mode. The battery weighs around 8-10 kgs and the best thing about this is that it is portable. This means that the battery can be transported to any location if recharge is required. From your own room to office and especially while traveling this comes in handy. This battery has an IP57 waterproof rating and the battery system is well protected. It takes 6 full hours to charge from 0 to 100% and the battery life cycle is 800 cycles. Yadea also provides 2 years warranty on the battery as well as the motor.
The GTR 3.0 motor which powers this electric scooter also has won the Guinness book of world records. This motor is able to produce 2300 W of max power and 120 Nm of max torque along with a top speed of 60Kmph. At 100% battery, the scooter's range is estimated at 80 km which is normal for electric scooters in nepal. With these very specifications it has earned its space in the Guinness book of world records for the longest riding electric scooter ever. The scooter's ability to handle double loads is pretty impressive. It is definitely surprising how strong an electric scooter can be. Almost every electric scooter usually has a soundless feature, no matter how hard the accelerator is throttled, Yadea G5 does not produce a single sound or vibration which is good for the environment.

Yadea G5 has 12 inch tubeless wheels as a strong base to this powerful scooter. The rim of the wheels are of a different and unique design. The scooters chassis/frame is made of a cold- rolled stainless frame which complements the bold and sporty yet premium stance of the scooter. This chassis/frame structure has increased the overall dimensional tolerance and minimized the feel of vibrations. This defines Yadea G5’s heavy weight tolerance capacity.

The front suspension is a front hydraulic shock absorption suspension set and on the rear we can see a pure aluminum rear fork. Dual disc brakes on both ends of the scooter are very responsive. Talking about dimensions, the scooter measures 1810 mm in length, 700mm in width, 1270 mm in wheelbase and 1150 mm in height. Another important dimension is the ground clearance of 160mm, very similar to many sporty petrol scooters available in Nepal. This makes the Yadea G5 a very versatile scooter in the Nepali market.

Yadea G5 is surprisingly a strong utility scooter, with its premium, elegant and sleek looks. When you drive it you will know its true potential. YADEA G5 with its bluetooth connectivity provides an experience to its users in this new market segment with its very straightforward and advanced technology. Features like side stand engine cut off and strong disc brakes, shows how Yadea will do more and better in the future. In city travel, short city rides and for regular use, electric scooters are the way to go. With the mission to “Electrify your life”, Yadea has been successfully operating in over 90 countries. Yadea G5has given everything a good electric two-wheeler should provide, it could definitely improve on some aspects. It is priced at Rs. 3,50,000 and as a New Year fest offer Yadea is giving a cash discount of Rs. 10,000 for every Yadea G5 purchase. The color options are red, blue black and gray. If I had to choose for myself the gray Yadea G5 would be the one as it is the color that perfectly blends in the scooter's premiumness and power.


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