It is confirmed! The Ducati Ghost is set to release in the new-gen hybrid version in the year 2023. Originally the Ducati Ghost was designed by a Danish designer and the hybrid variant of this hyperbike is set to launch in the year 2023. Directly competing with Kawasaki's hybrid bike launched in 2022, the design, structure and the entire build of the recently leaked pictures of the Ducati Ghost shows that it is so much better and will offer so much more to a wider customer pool.

Its design is definitely not usual. The flying singular looking seating arrangement, the rear wheels closed hub design with ducati branding, the 4 part split ghostly headlamps, and so much more. The Ghost comes with a refined hybrid engine that can work as the powerful petrol engine as well as a charger for the battery for the electric portion of the Ghost. These batteries are detachable as an additional benefit. We can definitely see some significant inspiration in the bike’s entire design from some impeccable hyperbikes made by BMW and Yamaha but all in all this bike definitely is a unique one.
“Ghost” is Ducati’s first ever “HyperBike” specializing in the thrilling rides and the powerful ride experience for the enthusiasts. Thus, the hybrid version of the Ghost is launched to provide the same experience with much less emission and harm to the environment. This bike will be able to make a bridge between the two groups of people; first, who want to shift to the much more electrified future and second, the ones who don't want to give up on their passion for a powerful petrol bike. We are definitely waiting for a full fledged ;launch of this beast of a hybrid hyper

21 Dec 2022

Yet Again, a new electric two-wheeler scooter company has launched its new model of scooter in the Nepali. The Okinawa company is surprisingly an Indian electric scooter manufacturer. Bicky Enterprise is the official authorized distributor of the Okinawa scooters in Nepal. Okinawa Nepal has an impressive list of 6 electric scooters and now the OKHI-90 is the 7th and the most expensive addition to their electric scooter line up.

This scooter is designed to be the most premium looking electric scooter in the market that is also defined by its hefty price tag. In comparison to the other electric scooter in the market, the OKHI-90 has an extravagant range of 160 km and a top speed of 90km/h. It also has one of the fastest charging scooter batteries that fully charges in about 3 to 4 hours. Additional amusing features of the OKHI-90 is the whooping 40 liter underseat storage that is actually unbelievable. With the most futuristic technical features from bluetooth connectivity to the OTA (Over-the-air) updates, this scooter has so much to provide and give to this new emerging electric scooter market. It is priced at a premium amount of Rs. 4,00,000 and is available in colors such as Wine red, Ash gray, Jewelry blue, and Glossy white. Okinawa is fairly new player in the Nepali electric two-wheeler market and it will be really interesting to see how they fit into the new consumer palette.

18 Dec 2022

The Chinese business group, especially known for the world-class electric two-wheelers all over Asia is proudly associated and supporting the FIFA World Cup 2022 as the Asian Regional supporter. Yadea has been previously associated with the FIFA World Cup brand in the FIFA World Cup 2018 as well. Their Asian representation in the world renowned and loved FIFA World Cup has made a special place for the Asian community in the globe.

Zhou Chao, the President of Yadea Group, stated, “We are proud to be the Official Asia-Pacific FIFA World Cup 2022 Regional Supporter. The essence of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is also part of Yadea’s DNA – the pioneering spirit, the perseverance to reach beyond limits, and the strong willpower that conquers challenges ahead.” This partnership showcases how the company shows resemblance to the lively spirit of the FIFA World Cup game that is able to bind the entire world together.
The Yadea showrooms and stores in Nepal have also taken part in this festivity and incorporated bumper prizes to Yadea electric scooter buyers on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Kuzu Nepal, the one who introduced Yadea to the Nepali electric two-wheeler market, has come up with special bumper prizes that offers a whopping Rs. 20,000 cash discount as well as 3 amazing prizes for the lucky draw winners that include a 43” LG TV, 32” LG TV and a 190 liter LG refrigerator as 1st, 2nd and 3rd bumper prizes. Yadea’s youthful nature heavily resonates with its affiliation with the FIFA World Cup game and aims to continuously support the game as a true Asian Representative.

16 Dec 2022

Kathmandu, Mangsir 28 (December 14): Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor of Honda two-wheelers in Nepal, has announced the winners of their Dashain-Tihar scheme “Honda Dashain Shuva Lav”. According to this plan, 7 individuals from 7 provinces have been awarded Rs. 7 lakhs while one lucky winner has been awarded Rs. 15 lakhs through a lucky draw.
According to the ‘Honda Dashain Shuva Lav’ plan, the winners are Satya Sai Auto City Pvt. Ltd - Durga Devi Sapkota from Province 1, Mishika Enterprises - Amit Kumar Shah from Province 2, Stc. Teku - Manisha Bajracharya from Province 3, Kunwar Brothers - Krishna Kumar Ale from Province 4, Amrit International Pvt. Ltd - Bishnu Pokharel from Province 5, Danfe Autoparts & Suppliers - Sunita Khatri from Province 6, and Uma Traders - Lakshman Bhatta from Province 7 who have all received Rs. 1 lakh each. Likewise, Siddhi Binayak Auto Int. Pvt. Ltd - Chandra Bahadur Thapa won the lucky draw of a bumper prize of Rs. 15 lakhs. On top of that, customers who bought on finance were also included in the bumper lucky draw. In addition to this, customers have also won exciting prizes along with cashback of up to Rs. 7 lakhs through scratch cards all the while receiving the services of easy finance.

14 Dec 2022

Eco Infinity Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2017 and is an authorized distributor of the NIU electric scooters for Nepal. Eco Infinity is known for its incredible team of young and dynamic individuals who highly aim to provide the best possible service to our customers. 
Our mission is to accelerate the growth of sustainable product usage across Nepal. We aim to be an advent channel in bringing global and local eco-friendly innovations to Nepali citizens. We want to see the mass-market incorporate sustainable and green energy products into their everyday lives. We want to be the vital providers through which Nepal leaps toward a sustainable green future. 
NIU has been in the Nepalese market for 5 years, with over 2100 units being used across the country. With fast-pace growth, NIU Nepal has been able to expand to Butwal, Birtamod, and Pokhara and is all set to start operations in Bhaktapur, further, we will open NIU Flagship Stores in Teku,and Itahari within a month. NIU is a global brand in urban mobility that embraces technology, style, and freedom. NIU currently designs manufactures and sells high-performance smart electric scooters.

NIU has been a breath of fresh air in the shaky EV industry of Nepal. An average person saves an estimated 60,000/- per year by switching to NIU from petrol scooters, saving on fuel and servicing costs. 
All NIU vehicles are linked to the NIU Cloud allowing customers to be connected to their vehicle 24/7 through an Android or iPhone app. Customers can check their battery status, view their riding history, locate their vehicle, and be alerted of any unauthorized movement of their scooter.

The NIU Smart E-scooters are the first to pass the roadworthiness test to get the number plate. 
We have customers with Over 50,000 km of riding experience with NIU. NIU has been established as a time-tested product in Nepal’s unforgiving roads; and, more and more people are loving the product every day. 
With continuous growth in sales, we are geared up to provide the best possible service on time and strive for continuous improvements. We promise to launch more exciting products in the future to help solve Nepal’s urban mobility problems even better.

12 Dec 2022

The Cabinet; under rigorous inquiries by the private sector companies, decided to lift the 8-month long import ban on the 4 items under the 10 luxury tagged items.

7 December, Kathmandu. The government of Nepal has finally decided to lift the ban on the import of vehicles, alcohol, mobile phones and motorcycles. The cabinet meeting that was held on Tuesday, came to a final conclusion and decided to remove the ban which will come under effect from the 29th of December, 2022. A minister informed, “The Cabinet meeting has decided to give in-principle consent to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, not to extend the ban on the import of 4 types of luxury goods after 29 December.” These 4 types would include vehicles, motorcycles, alcohol and mobile phones. During these 8 months, Nepal Rastra Bank and the Ministry of Finance realized the demeaning effect of the import ban. Thus, they had suggested to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply to remove the import ban. A few days ago, the ministry submitted a proposal to the Cabinet to lift the import ban which was ultimately accepted and now declared to be in effect.

As the foreign exchange reserves in the government's coffers were dwindling, the Ministry of Commerce had to announce an import ban on 10 types of luxury goods from the 13th of Baisakh. Bowing to the requests and queries of the private sector businesses, Ministry of Finance and Nepal Rastra Bank, the government has refined the ban and removed the ban on 6 types of goods, and the import ban on cars over $50,000, mobile phones costing over $300, all types of foreign alcohol and motorcycles over 150cc. After this decision was made by the cabinet, the above-mentioned goods can be imported to Nepal from January 1, 2023



08 Dec 2022
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