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Vespa designed by Justin Bieber

29 Apr 2022

Its popularity can be simply justified through Justin Beiber’s own design for this scooter. The all-white, limited edition Vespa is conceptualized and designed by the Canadian singer himself. He created a popular Sprint model with a striking all-white monochromatic colorway with white-hot flames on the chassis that adds a touch of attitude to the scooter. The scooter is equipped with features such as Vespa’s signature rectangular headlight and 12 inch wheels and multifunctional smartphone sync that helps one even control the LED lights. The scooter will be available in 50cc, 125cc and a 150cc variant with powers 40mph, 60mph and 70mph respectively. Beiber designed matching accessories such as a pair of gloves, a bag and all-white helmet with flames on it. This scooter is available for pre-order via the vespa website starting on April 20, 2022. The 125cc model won’t be sold in the US, but one can pick up the 50cc edition for $4,999 or the 150cc version for $6,549. This range of scooters is definitely on the premium side but it's completely new to what a celebrity would endorse and create

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