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Tilicho Expedition | Part 2

The second episode of the interview with Nikhil and Nitesh about their “Tilicho Lake Expedition on Pulsar N250”. This episode is filled with information and first impressions on the Bajaj Pulsar N250. Nikhil described this bike as “Beyond Expectations”. He too was surprised at how well the bike performed in such a terrain and the potential it actually had. A bike built for a completely different purpose was perfectly supporting the weather conditions at an altitude of 4500m. They were surprised about the fact that it was able to perform as well as, or even better than the
designated dirt bikes for such trail conditions.
With few modifications such as replacing the normal tyres with dirt tyres, few tweaks on the bikes regular suspension and removing some unnecessary items to reduce the kerb weight of the Pulsar N250, this expedition was conducted. Both riders really loved the fact that such a versatile bike has entered into the market with an amazing product, good after sales service and easy availability of the service centers, which the dirt bikes in Nepal lacked. From its versatile nature, reliability, performance abilities to the durability the bike provided to our expeditioners, they definitely recommend the bike to anyone looking for a bike that does it all. Our experienced expeditioners believe and state that the Pulsar N250 has been able to successfully set a benchmark in the 250cc segment of bikes in Nepal, as they go beyond their tagged purpose as a street bike. As mentioned above, from quality and performance to affordability, the Pulsar N250 brings so much to the table.
An expedition this big definitely does not come cheap and easy. With an estimated budget of around a million dollars, the team; Nikhil and Nitesh had to work rigorously to meet the correct sponsor that would be supportive in their wild adventure. It was difficult for them as well to give up the secure 9 to 5 job route and conduct something as entrepreneurs that has never been done in the world. Convincing and making the corporate companies understand about their dreams and the additional USP they could provide the company with this affiliation was one of the most difficult stages in bringing the expedition to life. Nitesh well quoted a statement “Every brand wants a hero, but they don't want to make a hero.” Support, understanding, communication, negotiations are some key elements that must be incorporated when two entities are dealing for any instance. Inspired by the legendary Nims Purja, Nitesh and Nikhil are leading towards the path of success and recognition with their own efforts and the support of our home companies.


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