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Segway E125 | Reviews

Segway has claimed its position as the global leader for short distance transportation and robotic services industry. It has always amazed the market and its audience with the most innovative and chic smart electric two-wheelers and other inventions. I Hub is the official reseller of Ninebot in Nepal and has brought in a few e-scooter variants to test in the market. Segway, being popular for its cutting-edge short-distance electric vehicles, has launched its stylish new model E-125, for the Nepali market.

At a first glance, Segway’s E-125 has a sleek, simple and minimalistic look. Segway is the first e-scooter to receive the Red Dot Design award for 2020. Like its E-100 sibling, the scooter gets a modern and minimalist design featuring its lighting fixtures that include matrix LED headlights equipped with 6 lenses, red tail light, red-yellow LED rear direction indicator lamp and standard turning lights. The entire body is made of carbon steel which stands to be stronger, stiffer and even more damage proof then other commercial metal. Segway E-125 has a comfortable wide seat and under seat storage of 22-liter. Its kerb weight is just 88 kgs which keeps it at the lighter side of the scale compared to other options in the market. Even though its weight is on the lighter side, its maximum loading capacity is 150kgs. Comparing it to the NIU NQi GT/S, it has greater range and better power to weight ratio. The scooter has USB charging ports along with its digital display console that is really helpful for real-time communication and interaction between the rider and the scooter.

Talking about the heart of the e-scooter; the battery is a 74V-27A , 2000wh Bosch-tailored lithium battery giving an average range of 60 to 120 km. This gives out a rated power of 2.4 kw with a tailored brushless electric motor and gains a top speed of 75 kmph. It generates a max torque of 200 Nm and max power 3.6 kw (4.8 bhp). Segway E-125 is able to adjust two batteries but the scooter originally comes with only one battery, thus the buyer will add the other battery unit themselves, if required. Its maximum charging time is around 5 to 6 hours with a battery life cycle of about 800 cycles. Segway E-125 being a new launch, the company has provided a 1 year battery warranty to its buyers. The scooter and its battery is waterproof with a IPX5 rating that shows how Segway E125 can easily drive through water, heavy rainfall and storms without fail. It has Bosh 10th generation dual-channel ABS brakes that give out an exceptional braking performance. This ABS feature prevents the wheels of the scooter from shock lock, making the scooter even more safe and smooth to ride. Its tyres are segway’s patented anti-skid tubeless tyres preventing the bike to slip or possible accidents. The scooter has a hydraulic spring damping or suspension system with a ground clearance of 135mm and a wheelbase of 1253mm, which is exceptional for an e-scooter running on the roads of the valley.

Segway E-125 hasmany innovative features and sensors placed all over the scooter. Similar to NIU e-scooters, Segway also has remote control keys with the scooter’s manual key. This scooter can be locked remotely, tracked and in case of theft, an alarm can be raised. Keeping\security as its major concern, an advanced anti-theft system is integrated into the complete body of the scooter. Its inbuilt operating system can be easily connected to one’s mobile phone through its application. Following are the features supported by the app:
- Induction unlock
- NFC unlock
- Smart positioning
- AHRS Smart alarm
- Constant speed cruise
- Electric bucket lock
- Ninebot Air Lock
- Parking Sensor
- Driving Sensor
- Whole OTA
- Engine Start & Stop by APP

The app is able to control the scooter’s bluetooth remote control to the vehicle status, light fixtures and even speed control. This scooter is equipped with cruise control that lets the rider cruise the scooter at a constant speed with throttling the accelerator. It also has reverse mode. Due to its seat cask electric lock system, the Segway E-125’s major intelligent anti-theft system makes the scooter one of its kind.

Globally successful Segway- ninebot has definitely entered into the Nepali market with enthusiasm. Entrance of powerful variants such as the E-100 and E-125 has a standard to what Segway as a company has to give to the Nepali electronic two-wheeler market. The Segway E-125 is priced at Rs. 3,91,000. Thai scooter is available in silver and white color variants.Even though it is on the pricier side, this definitely is a start to a change in the electric two-wheeler industry of Nepal.


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