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A scooter is a small light motorcycle which has a low seat for quick short rides. Their structure and machinery is best suited for shorter distances. Ease of maneuverability, quick acceleration and lightweight make them suitable for everyone.

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TVS Ntorq XP

The all new TVS NTORQ Race XP, Nepal's 1st 125cc scooter with more than 10hp power. XP or Xtra Power makes your ride powerful like never before. The industry first multiple Ride Modes give you the choice to change your scooter’s performance to suit your riding style. Now control your scooter with Voice Assist and make a splash with striking Race-inspired graphics.
315,900.00 (NPR) 305,900.00 (NPR)

Suzuki Avenis 125

The Suzuki Avenis is a performance-driven Sporty scooter that has enough power to make any journey zippy.
299,900.00 (NPR)

Benelli Panarea

334,900.00 (NPR)

Vespa SXL 125

347,946.00 (NPR)


333,946.00 (NPR)

Vespa Elegante 150

423,946.00 (NPR)

Vespa LX 125

283,946.00 (NPR)

Vespa Notte 125

283,946.00 (NPR)

Aprilia Storm 125

253,900.00 (NPR)

Aprilia SXR 160

434,900.00 (NPR)

Aprilia SR 150 Race Edition

332,900.00 (NPR)

Aprilia SR 150

309,900.00 (NPR)