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Komaki SE | Full Review

Komaki is an Indian electric vehicle manufacturing company that has been coming into the limelight these days. Being the very first Indian manufacturer of an electric cruiser bike, post-launch the company has been able to release a wide variation in the electric two-wheeler segment. The race of various electric scooters and two-wheelers entering the Nepali Market is getting rigorous. Among the 10 Komaki electric scooters, Nepali market has recently received and witnessed the launch of the Komaki SE.

Major electric scooters available in the market have a simple and sleek design, whereas the overall design, graphics and looks of the Komaki SE is inclined towards more sporty and bold styles. The body is made of a very sturdy plastic fiber that is made to last. Its lighting system is a sporty looking LED DRL headlamp along with side LED lamps but the Indicator lamps are normal bulbs placed beside the handle bars. This small colorful LED digital console showcases battery, indicators, gear position and other major information. Unfortunately, the colorful lights are really dim during the daytime. One amazing feature about the Komaki SE is that it has a reverse option. The reverse switch is placed near the right handlebar along with the ignition switch and headlamp switch. The scooter’s battery has occupied the majority of the underseat storage, thus it has focused on ample leg room and frontal compartment storage. There is also a USB port to charge a mobile device and that compartment can hold other smaller items too. Komaki SE supports bluetooth connectivity and has an inbuilt speaker for the multimedia controls, also exerting the loud anti-theft alert siren.
The seats are placed at a comfortable position and the grab handles are of a very unique design. Sadly the footpegs are comparatively very small than other regular scooters. We can see the Komaki graphics and design on the side view of the scooter. For the rear lights, we can see a LED turn signal that has a unique shape and the tail lamps are normal halogen bulbs. Little faux carbon fiber design can be found on the section near the tail lamp. Protecting the motor, we can see a waterproof cover with a cool exhaust cover. This is a decent looking sporty electric scooter whose features could be liked by many.

Komaki SE is powered by a 3000W Brushless DC Motor. The improved new battery is a 72V40Ah Lithium-Ion battery making it more advanced than the rest. It can generate a max power of 5200W, capable of a top speed of 80kmph. YThe average battery range is 140km and takes about 4-5 hours for the battery to fully charge. Also its charging cycle is estimated at 2000 times. This battery has a company warranty of 2 years and 1 year warranty for the scooters motor, controller and charger. As mentioned earlier, the most impressive feature; performance wise, is the cruise control and reverse option in the Komaki SE. Its overall performance and power exertion can be compared to a 125cc fuel scooter.

Komaki SE has the 12 inch tubeless wheels, where both front and rear tyres measure 90/90, with diamond cut design for better grip. For the suspension system, it has telescopic forks in the front and telescopic shocker as the rear suspension setting. Komaki SE’s braking system is equipped with the dual disc braking system. The scooter's length, height and ground clearance perfectly complements an average Nepali’s height, thus being the perfect fit for the Nepali market. The scooter’s wheels, suspension and regenerative braking system really blend with one another, giving it improved overall handling, performance and a better safety stance.

Komaki SE is a different electric-scooter in comparison to the one’s available. It definitely has a competitive advantage in terms of power and performance, but it's lagging in the department of technology and futuristic features. Komaki SE could not be the literal mobile vehicle such as Segway and NIU, but it excels in the category of a strong, sturdy and powerful electric scooter. Its wheelbase and ground clearance are better than other electric scooters making it compatible to ride on both city roads and rough trails. Being the cheapest Komaki electric scooter in Nepal, it is priced at Rs. 3,49,000. The scooter is available in red, blue, gold ra black colors. In this competitive and confusing market, Komaki SE would be the most affordable and quick alternative for its potential buyer.



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