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Adventure Tourers

A recent type, the adventure touring motorcycle is a dual-sport motorcycle that allows long-range touring both on-road and off-road capabilities. Adventure tourers have high ground clearance (for off-road purposes), large fuel capacity, under-stressed engines for high reliability.

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Yamaha FZ-X

The All New Yamaha FZ-X comes to Nepal as a crossover motorcycle that is inspired by Neo-Retro design thinking. With future proof features that enhance every ride and trademark classic charisma, the Yamaha FZ-X will inspire a whole new generation of motorcyclists. Together, the toughness, the design, comfort, connectivity and safety of this new motorcycle will make every ride feel like a burst of freedom.
440,900.00 (NPR) 435,900.00 (NPR)

Hartford VR 220H

585,000.00 (NPR)

Hartford VR 150H

465,000.00 (NPR)

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS

5,790,000.00 (NPR)

MV Agusta Lusso Veloce

5,690,000.00 (NPR)

MV Agusta Dragster 800RR Pirelli Limited Edition

6,190,000.00 (NPR)

Ducati DesertX

DesertX presented a completely new challenge to the Centro Stile. The opportunity to experiment with a new design language, seeking inspiration in the history of African Rally. The result is a solid, clean, modern design, based on shapes taken from the most adventurous off-road world. It is a bike that wants to be solid and functional at the same time.
7,400,000.00 (NPR)

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Decades of expeditions. Thousands of kilometers of traversing the most challenging terrain. Years of living and evolving with a machine that responds to the mountains. That's how they made the Himalayan, there's first dual-purpose motorcycle.
898,000.00 (NPR)

CF Moto 650 MT

650MT is a multifunctional bike based on the mature and stable CFMOTO 650CC engine platform, with streamlined designed , and sufficient travel feature for multi-terrain traveling. Equipped with light weighted fork, upside down front shock absorber and BOSCH EFI system, 650MT is a bike that is not only excellent on handling but also a safe and loyal friend while travelling on the way.
1,650,000.00 (NPR)

CF Moto 400 GT

Challenge your limits and pursue the excitement that lies between you and your destination. Carve through canyons, soak up cityscapes, and relish the freedom of the open road in unique style. Your journey begins here. Where will it take you? From the city to the mountains, go the distance on the CFMOTO 400GT, equipped with a generous 5.0-gallon fuel tank to keep the miles flowing.
0.00 (NPR)

Hero Xpulse 200 4V

The world is your playground. Be it city streets or the great outdoors, get ready for any terrain with the Hero Xpulse 200. The all-terrain motorcycle brings together cutting-edge technology and high build quality. Featuring a punchy 200 cc engine with 17.1 Nm torque and superior all-terrain capabilities, the Hero Xpulse 200 is built to take you anywhere.
452,500.00 (NPR)

Hero Xpulse 200T

The long road beckons. Embark on a journey of discoveries with the Xpluse 200T. At the heart of the motorcycle replete with bold, retro style is a powerful 200cc engine. Along with balanced ergonomics and unbeatable stability, the Xpluse 200T is built to take you beyond.
384,000.00 (NPR)


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