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Yamaha Festive "Hattrick”

16 Sep 2022

Kathmandu— Whether it is a festival, special occasion or event, Yamaha Nepal is always there to take the excitement to the next level with its grand and diverse schemes. Targeting the great Nepalese festivals, Dashain-Tihar and Chhath, 2079, Yamaha Nepal, the official distributor of Yamaha motorbikes/scooters for Nepal, has launched a grand scheme named “Yamaha Festival Hattrick.” Officially launched on September 6, the scheme applies to purchases of all
Yamaha’s bikes and scooters.
Under the scheme, customers now can win a sureshot cash prize of Rs.6000/- at the purchase of Yamaha’s any bike and scooters, the company stated. Similarly, targeting the FIFA World Cup 2022, every day, the company is also offering a chance to three people to win a Hisense 50-inch smart T.V.and for this a lucky draw will be done.
Furthermore, according to the company, people willing to purchase a Yamaha bike and scooter can get it within a Financial process of thirty minutes. Unlike before, now customers don’t have to undergo the hassle of tedious paperwork. Speaking about the new method, the company said that customers can now own a Yamaha bike/scooter with limiter paperwork.

Similarly, “customers’ expectations are always high during festivals, and we are fully confident that this Yamaha Festive Hattrick scheme will meet the expectations of our customers. And we are very optimistic and excited to make the upcoming World Cup 2022 even more exciting.” said the CEO of Yamaha Nepal, Raju Chhetri, excitedly.

The scheme is valid until Chhath and is available in all the official Yamaha showrooms throughout the country.

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