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Worried Helmet Visor Fogging Up

Fogging of the helmet visor, especially during the winter rides, is very common. To be protected from the cold winter winds, people tend to cover their face with masks, mufflers and even baclava to keep the face warm. This will create the issue of the helmet's visor to fog up due to the increased warmth and humidity inside the helmet. Thus, we have curated some home remedies as well as actual treatments that are to be used to make the helmets visor fog repellent.

1. Anti-Lock Visor Inserts
- These are additional devices that are inserted into the visors that act as a layer to protect the visor from fogging up. They are attached by pin locks that directly attach to the helmet’s visor.

2. Anti-Fog Spray
- These sprays are especially made for protecting the visor from fogging up. This is an easy solution in the form of a bottled liquid that can be sprayed onto the visor’s surface.

3. Anti-Fog Masks
- To protect one from the cold winter winds as well as from fogging the visor up, an anti-fog mask can be efficient. Serving the dual purpose, these anti-fog masks will be able to reduce risk in visibility caused by fogged visors and will also keep the rider warm.

4. Home remedy (Dishwashing soap)
- This is the most simple and inexpensive method to make the visor anti-fog. This is a hack to prevent the visor from fogging where an individual can wipe the visor with a little blob of dish soap initially and proceed to wipe it with a clean cloth until the screen is clear.


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