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Yamaha: this reminds me of the music as well as the motorcycle industry. Being able to excel in both the industries, Yamaha has been able to set a name for itself in every widespread genre it enters into. Yamaha has its roots that originate from the small town of Hamamatsu in Japan. Torakusu Yamaha was always fascinated with western Science and Technology. This led him to taking up watch making, studying business and as well as repairing medical equipment as his hobbies. Yamaha as a company came into existence when Torakusu Yamaha was once invited to Hamamatsu Jinjo Elementary School to repair a Reed organ; a musical instrument. He then saw potential in the reed organ manufacturing industry and started creating his own variant of reed organ with the brand Yamaha. Improving his organ, studying music theory and tuning made him complete the actual organ that everybody loved. It is really surprising how a pioneer in the automobile industry today, once came into existence through the musical instruments industry and how its manufacturer had his hands on every technical knowledge back in the time.
Yamaha as a reed organ manufacturer was established in the year 1887 A.D. He then continued manufacturing more musical instruments that ranged from the original reed organ, piano, guitar, trumpets, drums and beyond. In the year 1955, the Yamaha company saw a turn. They split into an instrument manufacturing company and an automobile; specifically motorcycle manufacturing company. The first ever Yamaha motorcycle was the YA-1 Motorcycle, nicknamed “The Red Dragonfly”. This bike was a 125cc, 2 stroke, single cylinder street bike that was sold in Japan solely. Slowly and gradually it moved towards 250cc street bikes and even an outboard motor.

IN 1963,
“From participating in the World Grand Prix to collaborating with Toyota in manufacturing a Toyota 2000GT sports car to being featured in a James Bond movie to winning its first 250cc Daytona Grand Prix, Yamaha has seen it all!!”

Then comes its era of excelling the two-wheeler industry, globally. Yamaha started manufacturing commuter vehicles from the year 1960. Henceforth, this company has been unstoppable. Yamaha did easily enter the Asian market of the globe. After being established as Yamaha Motor Corporation in the USA, it made its first entrance into India in the year 1985. With multiple changes in the company's policies of establishment and launch to the Indian market, in 2008, the “The Indian Yamaha Motor Private Limited” (IYM) was established.

In terms of Nepal, Yamaha Nepal (now called MAW) and the Escorts Group under 50:50 joint venture agreement, launched Yamaha automobiles into Nepal in the year 1996. Since then, Yamaha has become one of the most popular, consistent and loved brands in the Nepali market for two-wheelers. MAW now controls companies such as Yamaha, Yamaha Music, Fiat, Skoda, Greaves, JCB, Escorts and more. Talking more about Yamaha; the motorcycle company, Nepal was blessed with the well built Yamaha bikes and scooters since it entered Nepal. The most iconic Yamaha bikes include the FZ series and the R1M series and the most iconic Yamaha scooters include the Ray ZR series and the Fascino model.

The Yamaha bike price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 3,28,000 to Rs. 4,80,000 for the FZ series whereas the racing model R1M series ranges from Rs. 5,20,000 to Rs. 5,90,000 (prices are round figured for convenience). The Yamaha MT 15 price in Nepal ranges from Rs. 4,80,000 to Rs. 4,95,000 (prices are round figured for convenience). It is a new model of Yamaha Nepal launched in early 2022. Yamaha scooters include the most expensive Nmax model, the Yamaha Fascino models and the Yamaha Ray ZR models. The Yamaha scooter prices in Nepal ranges from Rs. 2,20,00 to Rs. 2,97,000 for the Yamaha Ray ZR variants, Rs. 2,18,000 to Rs. 2,68,000 for the Fascino variants and Rs. 4,70,000 for the Yamaha NMax 155 (prices are round figured for convenience).
Yamaha’s bike and scooter prices in Nepal range from a wide variety to specifications and models. The versatile nature of Yamaha two-wheelers has made the company move its way upwards and only upwards. Yamaha Nepal has made its way to the top tier two-wheeler companies in Nepal. This shows how its versatility, consistency and variation in product has bought the company good brand name and recognition among the users widespread all over the provinces of Nepal. We are waiting for Yamaha Nepal to further expand its horizon of two-wheeler models to more sporty and youthful bikes and scooters.


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