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Unlock Your City | Bhaktapur

05 Sep 2022

NIU has consistently spread its global footprint through these years over many locations beyond its manufacturing country; China. Similarly, entering the Nepali market, NIU has been able to flourish over many districts all over the country. Currently NIU has its showrooms located at the major locations of Kathmandu, which includes Maitighar and Naxal. With the #UNLOCKYOURCITY movement, NIU has been planning to open its locations in more major locations such as Chabahil, Balaju, Bhaktapur and Kumaripati.
On Tuesday, the 6th of September, 2022, NIU will be organizing a showroom opening at Bhaktapur. NIU Bhaktapur will be located at Ghalate, Bhaktapur, near YoYo Banquet that is the nearest identifiable infrastructure. The showroom launch is scheduled to happen at 11 in the morning. NIU’s step towards expanding its showroom over many major cities and districts all over Nepal shows how the company wants to be present at all reachable locations to gain a larger customer pool.
Since NIU entered Nepal in the year 2017, it has been rigorously promoting efficient and sustainable mobility through its electric two-wheelers. Being the first ever electric scooter company in Nepal, people have developed a sense of trust and fondness towards the brand. Thus, being able to expand its local footprint in Nepal, NIU is diving into a larger pool filled with enthusiastic customers for its future.

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