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Two-wheels Washing Technique

Regular Washing, Cleaning and Hygiene is crucial to everyone, even our vehicles. It is really necessary to maintain one’s two-wheeler to retain from any external or sometimes even internal damage. Regular and scheduled cleaning days are required for two-wheelers to be safe from rusting, pollution damages or even to cool the vehicles. If not cleaned regularly, the dust and collected mud residue might damage the external plastic or metal body of any two-wheeler. Below mentioned are some very essential tips a two-wheeler owner must know for keeping their property healthy, safe and risk free.

a. Start with the Wheels
- Rinsing off the brake dust, mud residue, and accumulated dirt from the wheeles and its guards would be an initiating action. Pressure washing these dirt would be more wise as the dirt can be a bit difficult to remove. Therefore, power washes at the garage are suggested for vehicles that are used on an everyday basis.

b. Use the correct cleaner
- Specific vehicle cleaners are available in the market for effective cleaning as they are specifically made for vehicle cleaning. If one opts to wash their vehicle without a vehicle shampoo a mild hair shampoo is considerable and should not be left to dry.

c. Use a brush for the crevasses
- To clean the unreachable cracks a normal towel would not be effective. So, a soft painters brush would do the job really easily.

d. Do Not Let the Shampoo rest
- The vehicle cleaning agent should not be left to dry on the two-wheeler. This may cause the paint on the bike or scooter to peel and damage its exterior. Thus, thorough water washes are required to keep the two-wheeler intact.

e. Dry every part of the two-wheeler
- Pressure drying or hand drying the entire vehicle is crucial. From the exterior to the internal electricals must be dried in-order to avoid any electrical or engine failure.

f. WAX!
- Applying wax to the two-wheeler will create a thin film of protective layer that will temporarily protect the bike or scooter from any external body damage.


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