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TVS Ronin 225 Price and Specifications in Nepal (Updated)

For the longest time, TVS has been known for its lineup of RTR bikes, and perhaps recently the Ntorq, in the Nepali market. Like most manufacturers, TVS has stayed firmly within the confines of the commuter and performance segment.


However, this time round, TVS has something entirely different to offer. A Cruiser. Yes, TVS, the same company behind the scooter your mom rides, will also be bringing the TVS Ronin 225, a cruiser with a stunning design and a powerful engine, to the Nepali market.


The TVS Ronin 225 was first announced in July of 2022, in India; at the price of Rs. 168,750 (Indian Rupees) for the highest specced model (the focus of this article). As for the Nepali market, an official price hasn’t been announced yet. However, using previous prices from TVS, we can expect the TVS Ronin 225 to enter the Nepali market at around 6 Lakh Nepali Rupees.


The key difference between the TVS Ronin 225 and the rest of the cruisers in the market is its futuristic, yet classic design. The headlight and sidelights look like something out of a Husqvarna, the asymmetric instrument dash looks familiar to Royal Enfield’s, and the overall design of the Ronin looks like a shiny cafe-racer that the likes of Norton would manufacture—which only makes sense TVS acquired Norton in 2020, two years before the Ronin was announced.


While not many customers would’ve expected TVS to enter the cruiser market, TVS has certainly brought something different, something new, to the table. Of course, new isn’t always better, and every bike has to prove itself.


So, for those eagerly waiting, here is what the TVS Ronin 225 has to bring to the Nepali market.


TVS Ronin 225 Overview


The Ronin 225 is TVS’s first attempt at launching a cruiser into the Indo-Nepali market. Back in July of 2022, the Ronin was first introduced into the Indian market, quickly gaining attention—and why wouldn’t it?


The bike is powered by a 225cc engine, falling only behind the RR310 in displacement in TVS’s own lineup, the design is built to catch eyes, and well… It is one of a kind. Sure, you can find cruisers, and you can find cafe racers, but you can’t find a Ronin, especially not in Nepal.

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TVS Ronin 225 Design and Feature Highlights

  • 225cc displacement engine
  • Entirely LED headlight and rear lights
  • Digital instrument cluster with X-Connect technology
  • 7 step adjustable monoshock suspension
  • 9 spoke alloy wheels
  • Dual Channel ABS; Urban and Rain ABS modes
  • Adjustable levers
  • Slipper clutch with assist
  • Newly designed exhaust


TVS Ronin 225 design and features


Clearly, the TVS Ronin 225 is one of a kind. The Jawa Perak, one of the few comparisons that can be made for the Ronin, doesn’t come with adjustable levers, a slipper clutch, the ability to connect to your phone, or even LED lights for that matter.


The TVS Ronin 225 has inherited the racing history of TVS, as a brand, in its design.


TVS Ronin 225 Engine Specifications

While the design and features of the TVS Ronin 225 might be one of a kind, design isn’t everything. Especially in the automobile market. The really saucy part of the bike is the performance.


With that being said, here are the engine specifications of the TVS Ronin.


  • Engine Type:  Single Cylinder, 4 Valve, 4 Stroke, SOHC
  • Displacement:  225.9cc
  • Cooling System:  Oil cooled
  • Maximum Power:  20.4 PS at 7750 rpm
  • Maximum Torque:  19.93 Nm at 3750 rpm
  • Gearbox:  5 Speed, slipper clutch with assist
  • Emission Standard:  BS6
  • Fuel Supply:  Fuel Injection
  • Mileage:  42.95 kmpl


In comparison to other cruisers, the TVS Ronin 225 only produces less power than the Jawa Perak, which comes with a 334 cc engine, and weighs 10 kgs more. When compared with the likes of the Royal Enfield Classic and Meteor, the Ronin produces just as much power at a lot less weight and displacement.


The bike also boasts an impressive 42.96 kmpl. Of course, how that translates to your real world experience will vary, but on the spec sheet, it is a relieving number to see.


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TVS Ronin Body Specifications


Holding in the heart of the bike is the body of the bike—a brand new chassis design from TVS and the wheels to go with it. As mentioned before, the TVS Ronin 225 weighs less than the bikes it competes against, but just how much does it really weigh? How good are the dual channel ABS brakes? How much fuel does it hold? And how much does it give? (mileage wise)


The answer to all of those questions are below.


Brakes, Tires, and Suspension


  • Front Tyre: 110/70 Tubeless with 300mm Disc Brake
  • Rear Tyre: 130/70 Tubeless with 240mm Disc Brake
  • ABS Modes: Rain Mode, Urban Mode
  • Front Suspension: 41mm USD Forks
  • Rear Suspension: Monoshock with 7 step adjustable preload
  • Wheel Type: 9 spoke alloy wheels.


The brakes, types, and suspension are pretty competitive with other cruiser bikes. Competition from Jawa brings the same level of suspension as the Ronin does.


What competitors do not have is the switchable ABS modes. The TVS Ronin 225 comes with two modes; rain and urban. If you’re in a tough spot in the rain and the ABS is just not enough, then you can also engine brake with less risk using the slipper clutch and assist.


The TVS Ronin 225, in every sense, is bringing the old and the new together.


tvs ronin 225 in nepal


Dimension and Fuel Capacity


  • Frame: Double Cradle Split Synchro Stiff Frame
  • Seat Height: 795 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 181 mm
  • Kerb Weight: 160 kg
  • Fuel Capacity: 14 Litres


Weighing a considerable 160kgs, the TVS Ronin 225 undercuts the competition when it comes to weight, while hosting just about the same amount of fuel in the tank. The seat height however is somewhat taller than the Jawa Perak, affecting the posture and feel of the rider.


TVS Ronin 225 Variants


The TVS Ronin 225 comes in many flavours, three to be exact. Buyers can get the TVS Ronin 225 in the SS variant, the DS variant, and the TD variant—this blog is centred around the TD variant.


The SS and DS variant of the TVS Ronin 225 only come with Single Channel ABS, whereas the TD variant comes with Dual Channel ABS. Where the SS and DS come with regular levers, only the TD variant comes with the adjustable levers. Additionally, there are also visual changes with each variant. 


Here is a table of the three variants of the TVS Ronin 225 that are currently available, with the key differences. 



 Ronin SS

 Ronin DS

 Ronin TD

 Breaking System

 Single Channel ABS

 Single Channel ABS

 Dual Channel ABS

 Lever Type

 Normal Levers

 Normal Levers

 Adjustable Levers

 X Connect





 Mono Tone

 Dual Tone

 Triple Tone





 Body Colour

 Lightning Black & Magma   Red

 Stargaze Black & Delta Blue

 Galactic Grey & Dawn   Orange


Other than the colour scheme, the TVS Ronin 225 SS variant and the TVS Ronin 225 DS variant are virtually the same. They are also not the point of the show–given the difference in levers, breaking, the X-Connect app, and the colour scheme, it is clear that TVS wants you to buy the Ronin 225 TD, the rest are just there to nudge you in that direction.


Also, what really made TVS include a difference of 1kg in their official comparison of these variants? Are the adjustable levers and disc brakes really that heavy?


TVS Ronin 225 in Nepal


TVS Ronin 225 Price In Nepal


The TVS RONIN arrived in Nepal with a starting price of Rs. 4,49,900. Look for it at TVS Motor outlets across the country.


   Model   Price
   TVS Ronin 225 (TD Version)

  Rs. 4,49,900


 At that price, the TVS Ronin 225 will be a very competitive cruiser, and might even eat into the 160 to 300 cc enthusiast commuter/sport bikes range.




Regardless, the TVS Ronin 225 will be something new, something there is not much of in Nepal. The Ronin will be one of a kind—you won’t confuse it for anything else, and those who see it will know what it is the moment they see it—and people will buy it because of that very fact.





How many colours is the TVS Ronin 225 available in?

The TVS Ronin 225 is available in 6 different colour schemes.


How many variants does the TVS Ronin 225 have?

The TVS Ronin 225 is available in 3 different variants.


Does the TVS Ronin 225 have ABS?

The TVS Ronin 225 comes equipped with single channel ABS in the SS and SD variants, while the TD variant comes with dual channel ABS.


What are the competitors of the TVS Ronin 225?

The TVS Ronin 225 competes with the likes of Honda’s Hness CB350, Royal Enfield’s Hunter 350 and Classic 350, and Jawa’s Perak.


Does the TVS Ronin 225 come with X Connect?

The TD variant of the TVS Ronin 225 comes with X Connect while the SS and DS variants do not.


Is the TVS Ronin 225 Available in Nepal?

As of May, 2023, the TVS Ronin 225 is not available in Nepal.


What is the fuel capacity of the TVS Ronin 225?

The fuel capacity on the TVS Ronin 225 is 14 Litres.


What is the mileage of the TVS Ronin 225?

The TVS Ronin 225 produces a mileage of about 42.59 kmpl.


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