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TVS Ntorq XP | Full Review

Since TVS launched the Ntorq 125 in the year 2018, the two-wheeler market of Nepal has seen some changes. TVS scooters have always been at the top of the technology and functionality game. Ntorq 125; the reigning racing scooter of the decade has now become even more refined. TVS has now launched the Race XP(Xtra Power) version of the Ntorq 125. The race XP is expected to be the smartest scooter to drive through the roads of Nepal. It is India’s first ever scooter with a dual ride mode and an improved version of the original Ntorq 125. This new scooter is equipped with so many new striking improvements and upgrades, that satisfies the current market needs.

The stealth aircraft inspired styling and race inspired graphics and decals make it a perfect racing scooter. Race XP has special graphics to a 3D Ntorq and TVS logo along with red wheel rims to resonate the scooter racer design. Ntorq’s signature LED headlamps are the roaring eyes of the scooter and the front LED indicator lights are placed in an edgy location. Handlebars position is better adjusted for the racing feel similar to the outward placed sharp side mirrors of the scooter. Some parts of the scooter are even given a faux carbon finish for a sleek and premium look.
Race XP’s newest addition is the fully digital gaming console inspired speedometer that supports voice control. This digital console is more than just its amazing futuristic looks. TVS’s flagship connectivity system; the SMARTXONNECT, easily connects the smartphone to one’s scooter using bluetooth and now the vehicle can be controlled using voice controls. There are almost 20 and more voice commands which include mode changing, road navigation to console brightness adjustment and even more. This is one of the most futuristic features that is available on a sports scooter.
On top of all this digital console showcases over 60 features. This ranges from features such as personalized welcome message, multi mode display, incoming call, messages and missed call alert, to all the personalized features on the rider app. Because of these features, Race XP can be controlled like a mobile device. Rider’s front view has an engine kill switch, pass by switch, hazard lamps and parking brakes are also installed into the scooter which shows how this scooter is concerned about the rider's safety.
Rear section of RaceXP heavily highlights the loud racing graphics and design on its body. The seats are double stitched hysteresis seats that prioritizes the rider’s safety and comfort. Pillion seat, like in any other sports scooter, is placed at an elevated position. For convenience the fuel tank cap is placed between the split grab handles in the scooter’s rear exterior section. This has helped the scooter’s underseat storage to be as large as 22 liters. The sporty stubby muffler also incorporates the race design covering the exhaust. TVS’s signature t-shaped LED tail lamps, afterburner type rear vents and perfectly placed indicators creates a sharp illusion in the scooters rear end. The tri-color body theme of the scooter adjusts to its ultimate racing design.

The scooter has a 3 Valve, Single Cylinder, 4 - Stroke, SI, Air Cooled, RTFI (Race Tuned Fuel Injected) engine with a BS6 emission standard. This is the first 125cc scooter to have a power of over 10hp. This makes Race XP even more special than it already is. Its engine generates 10.2 PS @ 7000 rpm / 10.06 hp @ 7000 rpm of power and 10.8 Nm @ 5500 rpm of torque. It incorporates both electric and kick start. This has resulted in Race XP being the most powerful racing scooter available in the nepali market. This versatile engine functionality easily supports dual riding mode.
In terms of speed and mileage, each mode has their own claims. For Simple street mode, the scooter is equipped to have the best mileage, with an average of 54.33 kmpl for city and 55.85 kmpl for highway. This mileage claim actually directly competes with the best mileage scooters of Yamaha and Honda. Its average top speed is estimated to be 98 kmph. This scooter is actually really fast because in just one single acceleration, it goes from 0 to 60km in just 8.6 seconds. These unique riding modes showcase the scooter's dual purpose. Street mode gives the best mileage and best street cruiser experience whereas Race mode gives high speed and acceleration to the Race XP.

Race XP has kept comfort at its frontfoot as this is a very comfortable and smooth scooter to ride. Its suspension setting is a front Telescopic Suspension with Hydraulic Dampers and a rear Coil spring with Hydraulic Dampers, which gives a soft suspension to the scooter when on any bumpy or off-road rides. The body frame is a High Rigidity Under Bone Tubular Type that strongly supports Race XP’s high power. In comparison to the Ntorq 125, there are no drastic differences or changes in the dimensions but the Race XP is 2kgs lighter than the older Ntorq 125s. Its most eye-catching feature is the diamond cut red alloy wheels. These 12 inch tubeless wide wheels measure 100/80 at the front and 110/80 in the rear wheel. These bold chunky tyres are a special TVS design for both street and racing mode. Synchronized braking system of the Race XP Lies among the scooters many safety features. Front 220mm ko roto petal disc brakes and rear 130 mm drum brakes, makes this scooter a safe vehicle to drive.

With all the futuristic first-in-segment features, Race XP is ready to take over its own sibling; the Ntorq 125. It definitely lies among the top tier racing scooters that are available in nepal. In this competitive market for racing scooters, TVS Ntorq Race XP has brought in voice assist features and highest power 125cc scooter. We can definitely predict where the future of the two-wheeler is going. Showcasing its racing DNA, Race XP has incorporated graphics, engine power, features into the entire scooter. Priced at Rs. 3,00,000, it is a premium scooter that aims to cater the premium sports scooter enthusiasts. It is available in the tri-color theme in red and black. Considering it as one of the most expensive racing/sports scooters released till date, buyers must be aware of what they want to receive from their heavy investment in this scooter. Heavily focusing into the premium market segment TVS Race XP is able to give what their buyers want at this heavy price point.


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