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Top 125 cc Scooter Under 3lac

Nepal’s scooter craze has gone over the roof. There are over 10 scooters that come under the 125cc category; tagged as “the best scooter under 3 lakhs”. But which one do you buy???
Two-wheelers, mostly scooters, are the staple commuting vehicle that major Nepalese prefer nowadays. They are easy to ride, very handy, light weight, better performing vehicles that can adjust in any given riding terrain. The 125cc segment is the most considered displacement by many buyers across Nepal. There are way too many options. We have hence curated a list of the TOP 4 125cc scooters that can be purchased in Nepal under Rs.3,00,000. These scooters are one of most reliable and value for money scooters that can be found out there in the Nepali Market.

1. YAMAHA Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI
The iconic Yamaha Ray ZR’s comeback as the street rally variant has left the two-wheeler scooter segment stunned. The highest mileage providing scooter has been a list reigning scooter model as one of the best 125cc scooters under this amazing price.
The BS6-compliant, 125 cc, fuel-injected Blue Core engine that powers Yamaha's RayZR 125 Street Rally produces 8.2 PS at 6500 rpm and 9.7 Nm of maximum torque at 5000 rpm. Y-shaped LED lights, a new digital instrument cluster, a stop-and-start system, a smart motor-generator for quiet startup, a side-stand engine cut-off lever, and a unified braking system are a few of the scooter's standout features.
The scooter is available in 3 variants. They are priced as:
Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI (SR)
Rs. 279,900
Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI (Disc)
Rs. 2,71,900
Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI (Drum)
Rs. 2,54,900

2. HONDA Grazia 125

Honda has always been recognized for manufacturing two-wheelers that last. They continuously make improvements on their most loved models of two-wheelers and provide the best version in every iteration they make. The HONDA Dio is one of the best examples of it. Here we have the new generation HONDA Grazia 125 that is gaining its well deserved popularity for being none of the most valuable scooters for what the buyer pays.
It is a highly improved version of Honda's earlier 125cc models. The Honda Grazia 125 has a fan-cooled, 124cc single-cylinder engine that generates 8.25PS at 6000 rpm and 10.3Nm at 5,000 rpm. The new Honda Eco Technology (HET), which reduces friction for greater efficiency, is also made available with this scooter. The Combined Braking System, 171mm ground clearance, 21 liter boot space and other major features makes it the ultimate 125cc scooter. The mileage of the scooter is roughly marked at 45 km per liter. The 125cc scooter has a reported top speed of 92 kmph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph in around 9 seconds (approximately).
The scooter is available in two BS6 variants. Their prices range from:

3. TVS Ntorq RTFI BS6 125

The most well-liked and anticipated engine, the RTFi BS-VI engine (Race-Tuned Fuel Injection System), has been added to TVS's Ntorq 125 series, making it even more fantastic than it currently is. It has the strongest engine on the market right now thanks to its 124.8 cc, 3-valve engine. In comparison to its predecessor, the BS-IV type, it has visually enhanced the area of fuel efficiency. The Racing Edition of the standard NTorq 125 further elevates it to the top of the heap among 125cc scooters in terms of power. 9.27 horsepower and 10.4 nm of torque are produced by this engine's 124.8 cc of displacement. It claims to reach up to 95 km/hr, making it one of the fastest scooters in its class, as it goes from 0 to 60 km/hr in just 7 seconds.
The scooter is available in disc and drum brake variants:
Grazia BS6 (STD)
Rs. 2,79,900
Grazia BS6 (DLX)
Rs. 2,99,900
TVS Ntorq (Disc)
Rs. 2,57,900
TVS Ntorq (Drum)
Rs. 2,23,900

4. SUZUKI Burgman 125
The Suzuki Burgman 125 is the segment's most underappreciated scooter. Even though it was introduced about two years ago, it still has an advantage over the newest products on the market. This scooter has some of the most underappreciated qualities, which makes it one of the most potent models on the Nepali market. The 400cc Burgman is the senior version of the Burgman 125cc, is a big chunky Burgman which isn't usually found in the Nepali market.
The scooter's 125 cc engine delivers a maximum power of 8.7 ps at 7000 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.2 Nm at 5000 rpm. Performance-wise, the scooter can go from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds and has a top speed of 91 km/h. It can also glide across the streets. The Suzuki Burgman 125 is one of Nepal's most potent and durable 125cc scooters, specializing in long distance and highway cruising.
This scooter is available in the BS6 and BS4 variants:
There are further detailed videos on the YAMAHA Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI, HONDA Grazia 125 and TVS Ntorq RTFI BS6 125 on our youtube channel @nepaliwheels.
Burgman 125 (BS6)
Rs. 2,74,900
Burgman 125 (BS4)
Rs. 2,45,900


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