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Top 12 Motorbike Showrooms In Kathmandu

Top 12 Motorbike Showrooms In Kathmandu

Year after year, the number of two wheelers in the Nepali market keeps increasing as younger people buy their first bikes and older people start switching to newer ones from bike showrooms, especially across Kathmandu, every season. Back in 2020, the total number of registered two wheelers alone in Nepal was over 20 million, a number which has only increased since then.


In the process, tons of people have entered top 12 bike showrooms in Kathmandu everyday in search of a machine that will be with them for the next 5 to 6 years.

Walking into a showroom, getting a feel for the bikes, and talking to the representatives is all part of the experience of owning a bike. How you feel about the showroom reflects the service you and your bike will be receiving over the course of your ownership. Hence, it is paramount that you choose the right showroom to buy from, and not just the right bike to buy.


Of course, with manufacturers having dozens upon dozens of showrooms in Kathmandu, it can be tough to decide which ones to visit. But not to worry, we’ve made the process of deciding easier for you.


Keep reading to find out more!


Here are the top 12 motorbike showrooms in Nepal.


Bajaj Showroom

When Bajaj Auto Limited was conceived by Jamnalal Bajaj in the 1940, it was from the brand we know today.  When Bajaj was first established, it only imported two wheelers and three wheelers into India, later earning the licence to manufacture Vespas in India. Only in 1986 did Bajaj finally transition into a solely motorcycle manufacturer.


After 60 years of automobile history, today, Bajaj is an infamous contender in the motorbike industry in Asia with its bikes; the Bajaj Pulsar, the Bajaj Pulsar NS, the Bajaj Adventure, the latest Bajaj Dominar, and others. The Pulsars have long been the go to choice for power at a low price—earning themselves a bad reputation in circles of parents worrisome for their kids—, and with the latest N160, Bajaj has tuned it down a bit.

Bajaj showroom in kathmandu

Being an Indian manufacturer with close ties to Nepal, there are a total of 106 Bajaj dealerships in Nepal; 16 of which are in Kathmandu, 2 in Lalitpur, and 2 in Bhaktapur. With hundreds of reviews to go by, each showroom is 3.5 star to 4.5 star rated.


Needless to say, anywhere in Kathmandu, you can easily find a Bajaj showroom near you. At any one of those showrooms, you can find:

  • Authorised sales of Bajaj bikes
  • Authorised servicing of Bajaj bikes
  • Attractive offers for purchase

Bajaj Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Platina 100 ES
  • Discover 125
  • Pulsar 125
  • Pulsar NS 125
  • Pulsar 150
  • Pulsar 160 NS
  • Pulsar NS 200
  • Pulsar 220F
  • Avenger 160 Street
  • Avenger 220 Cruise
  • Dominar 250
  • Dominar 400
  • Pulsar N160
  • Pulsar N 250


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-5330001.


Honda Showroom

Honda is perhaps the most well known brand on this list. Whether it be your uncles and aunts in their 60's or the kids outside playing football on the streets, everyone knows of Honda. And why wouldn’t they? Honda is quite literally the largest manufacturer of motorbikes in the world—making everything from a 110cc cruiser with mileage more than some bikes can go before breaking down, to middle of the hill performance bikes, all the way up to 1000cc monsters that run on MotoGP.


Given its size, Honda basically has showrooms everywhere. As the largest manufacturer in the world, Honda has hundreds of showrooms all across Nepal, most averaging almost 4 to 5 star ratings. You’ll probably drive through a couple on the way to work.

Honda Showroom in kathmadnu

But the major showrooms you’ll find are the Syakar Trading Company dealerships in Gairidhara and Dhobighat. Each of these showroom hosts its array of Honda bikes that have been known for their excellent reliability, meaning you probably won’t have to service your bike any more than the kilometres ask for.


At the Honda showrooms in Kathmandu, you’ll find:

  • Authorised sales of the 13 bikes available in Nepal
  • Authorised reliable servicing
  • Consistently excellent ratings
  • Excellent financing offers


If you’re walking into any major Honda showroom, you can rest assured that you will be greeted with a nice experience. As the sole distributor of Honda bikes in Nepal, under the Jyoti Group of Companies, Syakar Trading Company has been distributing Honda bikes in Nepal since 1986 AD—with a history of reliable service older than many riders that own their bikes, buyers can expect a great experience through the showroom door to their ownership of the bike.


Honda Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Honda CD 110 Dream
  • Honda CB Shine 125
  • Honda CB Shine SP
  • Honda CB Unicorn 150
  • Honda XBlade
  • Honda CB Hornet 160R
  • Honda CB Hornet 2.0
  • Honda XR 150L
  • Honda XR 190L
  • Honda H'ness CB350
  • Honda CB350 RS
  • Honda CBR 250R
  • Honda CRF300L
  • Honda CBR600RR


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-4267368 / 01-4163501.


Yamaha Showroom

Yamaha, the ol’ good and reliable. Hailing from Japan, both Yamaha and Honda come with the promise of reliability—and oh boy do they fulfil the promise! But what separates Yamaha from Honda in Nepal is the market segment they cater to. While Honda makes simple commuters for the everyday joe, Yamaha leans into the racing bloodline and makes sporty bikes for younglings looking for some fun—they’ve even made the Yamaha Aerox 155, a scooter with the engine from an R15.


Adrenaline junkie teens have been riding R15s for years upon years, and now riders have access to the naked MT15, ensuring that more hooligans are sure to come to the street. Of course, that doesn’t take away from the sales of the FZ series of commuters.

Yamaha showroom in kathmandu

As with its age and lineage, the network of Yamaha authorised showrooms in Kathmandu is pretty extensive with 14 dealerships in the city alone. Maw Enterprises, the authorised distributor of Yamaha bikes in Nepal has two showrooms in Naxal and Tripureshwor—with hundreds of reviews and an almost 4 star rating—, where you can expect the best assortment of bikes and the highest quality customer service.


At the Yamaha showrooms in Kathmandu you can find:


  • Authorised sales of Yamaha bikes
  • Authorised servicing of Yamaha bikes with online bookings
  • Sales of spare parts
  • Sales of merchandise


Given the reliability of Yamaha bikes, you probably won’t be going to the showrooms for servicing any more than the kilometres tell you to.

Yamaha Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Yamaha R15 v4
  • Yamaha XTZ 150
  • Yamaha R15 v3
  • Yamaha MT 15
  • Yamaha FZ 25
  • Yamaha FZX
  • Yamaha Fazer 25
  • Yamaha FZS FI v3
  • Yamaha FZS FI v2
  • Yamaha FZ FI v2
  • Yamaha SZ RR
  • Yamaha Saluto


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-14261160.


Ducati Showroom

From the state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in the picturesque landscapes of Italy to the thrilling race circuits of MotoGP, Ducati exudes the essence of luxury craftsmanship. The precise engineering and  cutting-edge technology used in production are evident in every Ducati bike—whether it be the powerful Panigale superbikes, the versatile Multistrada adventure bikes, or the elegant Monster and Diavel. Each Ducati motorcycle is more than mere mechanical components, and embodies a distinctive identity within the rider and leaves a lasting impression on whoever happens to lay their eyes on it.

Ducati Showroom in Kathmandi

The luxury of the brand should hence reflect in the showrooms that sell its products. And at Turbo Motors Trading in Naxal, it definitely does. With a 4.6 star rating on Google Maps, Turbo Motors is one of the most well reviewed showrooms on this list. With an assortment of Ducati bikes, helmets and even riding gear, the showroom is a one-stop-shop for your riding needs. The showroom stays open between 10AM and 6 PM on weekdays.


They key highlights of the Turbo Motors Trading Ducati showroom are:

  • Authorised sales of Ducati motorbikes
  • Authorised servicing for Ducati
  • Sales of Apparel and merchandise
  • Sales of accessories like helmets and riding leathers.


Found near Naag Pokhari in Kathmandu, the showroom is also on the official Ducati website, and the only authorised showroom in Nepal, so you can be sure you’re getting a genuine product.

Ducati Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Ducati Diavel
  • Ducati Hypermotard
  • Ducati Monster
  • Ducati Multistrada
  • Ducati Panigale
  • Ducati Scrambler
  • Ducati Streetfighter


If you want to contact the showroom, you can do so through email or by calling 9801088342.


KTM Showroom

Hailing from Austria, the KTM brand brings with it a racing heritage that rivals other brands on the list like Ducati on the tracks. Quite literally, KTM and Ducati often compete on the MotoGP race tracks.


READY TO RACE — the bold mission statement of the brand tells you all you need to know, and where the motto falls short, the people on their bikes tell the rest of the story; for better or for worse—leading to a mixed bag of attitudes towards KTM bikes on the streets.

KTM showroom in kathmandu

The showroom for the Austrian brand in Kathmandu follows the same design philosophy as their bikes. At showrooms like KTM Bike Showroom at Bhim Plaza Complex in Naxal—with a 4 star rating and over 300 review—, the stark contrast of black and orange draws the eyes of customers, and the walls are filled with images of the bikes showing off their performance—making customers feel as if they're part of the racing and adventure identity. KTM showrooms in Kathmandu like those in Pulchowk and Baneshwor, along with the one in Naxal and many others, provide:


  • Authorised sales of KTM bikes
  • Authorised servicing with online booking
  • Events that buyers can participate in to venture into places like Mustang.


You can also follow the KTM Nepal page on Facebook to keep up with the latest news from KTM in Kathmandu, where they organise group rides.

KTM Bikes Available In Nepal

  • KTM Duke 200
  • KTM Duke 250
  • KTM Duke 390
  • KTM Duke 790
  • KTM RC200
  • KTM RC390
  • KTM 250 Adventure
  • KTM 390 Adventure


Read more about KTM bikes in Nepal and their prices here.


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-4415462.


Benelli Showroom

With a remarkable history dating back to its inception in 1911 in pre WW1 Italy, Benelli stands as one of the most venerable brands in the motorcycle industry. The brand’s longevity serves as a testament to their commitment to manufacturing a portfolio of bikes that is consistently desirable to the masses.


Of all the bikes Benelli produces worldwide, only 11 models are currently available in Nepal. Even then the 11 bikes cover the low displacement commuter segment, the high displacement high performance segment, and the adventure segment—testament to how Benelli has used its age and wisdom to produce quality bikes at every segment.

Benelli showroom in kathmandu

At any of the 4 four Benelli showrooms in Naxal, Teku, Thimi, and Chandol—each with close to 4 and 5 ratings—, customers can walk in a have a look at commuter bikes like the Benelli TNT 15, TNT 135, and the TNT 150i; adventure bikes like the Benelli TRK 251; and the stunning naked 750cc Benelli 752S.


The Benelli showrooms in Kathmandu provide:

  • Authorised sales of Benelli bikes
  • Authorised servicing
  • Sales of Benelli apparel
  • Sales of Benelli cycles.


Unlike the others like Ducati and KTM, Benelli’s legacy doesn’t lie in sporty bikes. Instead, the company has been making an assortment of bikes that meet the requirements of the simplest of riders to those entering into the adventure or sport segment.

Benelli Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Benelli TNT
  • Benelli TNT 135
  • Benelli TNT 150i
  • Benelli Leoncino 250
  • Benelli Panarea
  • Benelli 752S
  • Benelli TNT 302S
  • Benelli 180S
  • Benelli BN 251
  • Benelli TRK 251
  • Benelli TNT 600i


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-4411439.



Hero Showroom

Hero is quite synonymous to the previous manufacturer on this list. Back in the day, when the Japanese manufacturer Honda wanted to enter the Indian subcontinental market for motorbikes, Hero was the manufacturer of choice to collaborate with. Through their collaboration, a number of Hero Honda bikes were produced, and to this day most people confuse the separate brands as being one.


As a result, through the years of joint venture, their brand identities in Nepal have also come to be much the same long after their separation—even the showrooms look similar to each other. Hence, the key services you’ll find at the NGM Hero showrooms in Mitrapark, Kantipath, Balkumari, and Kumaripati are pretty familiar.


Where Hero pulls ahead of the competition is with their attractive offers with financing and exchanges. While Honda relies on their reputation to keep customers in flow high, Hero resorts to price cutting the competition in a market segment that is already price elastic.


  • Authorised sales of Hero bikes
  • Authorised servicing
  • Authorised sales of spare parts
  • Exchange offer, finance offers, and Sajilo Hero offers.


What differentiates Hero from its Japanese counterpart is its massive portfolio of commuter bikes set in history, and recent hits like the Hero Xpulse 200 4V that are regarded as the best bang for the buck bike by popular motovloggers like SMZ, Ride with Sagar, etc.

Hero Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Hero XPulse 200
  • Hero XPulse 200T
  • Hero Xtreme 160R
  • Hero Hunk 150R
  • Hero Xtreme 200R
  • Hero Glamour XTec
  • Hero Xtreme Sports
  • Hero Achiever 150 i3S
  • Hero Glamour
  • Hero Super Splendor IBS
  • Hero Splendor Plus
  • Hero Splendor iSmart 110
  • Hero HF Deluxe


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-4255565 / 01-4248949.


Royal Enfield Showroom

The bullet, the classic, the meteor. Royal Enfield is known for its cruisers in the Nepali market as they are the only bikes from the brand available in Nepal.


Before children can sit on the backseat of a bike by themselves, they can tell if a Royal Enfield rolls by with the sound of its exhaust alone. Sounding like a machine gun firing off in the distance, the Royal Enfield bikes earn themselves the name “bullet” by most people.

Royal Enfield showroom in KATHMANDU

From the shape and design of their bikes to the brand itself, Royal Enfield can be thought of as a hefty bearded gentleman in suit out for a ride with fellow bureaucrats while they twist their moustaches in style. The brand is a classic, something that doesn’t need to say what it stands for, because people know.


Alpha Automotive, the sole distributor of Royal Enfield bikes in Nepal has made sure that you get the same experience when you walk into their showrooms in Naxal and Balkumari—also where two of their many Authorised service points lie. The two showrooms provide the following services to customer:


  • Authorised sales of Royal Enfield bikes
  • Authorised servicing of Royal Enfield bikes
  • Sales of helmets, jackets,  and other accessories
  • Sales of apparel


The interior of the showrooms—both of which boast ratings in the upper decimals of 4—also lean into the brand identity with a design that is nothing futuristic or fancy but classic and elegant, just like their bikes.

Royal Enfield Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Royal Enfield Classic 350
  • Royal Enfield Meteor 350


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-5350009.


Crossfire Showroom

Crossfire is a rather young addition to the list of motorcycle manufacturers distributing their bikes in Nepal. Solely making enduro bikes, the Chinese manufactured brand has its own unique selling point to buyers in Nepal—reflecting on its age, the brand takes on a techno-modern design ideology with a contrasting black and orange colour scheme; even seeping into their website.


However, as most riders will tell you, the Chinese manufactured bikes fall much further behind in ranks of reliability against the Japanese, German, and even Indian manufacturers.

Crossfire showroom in kathmandu

Since the brand focuses solely on enduro bikes, the showrooms in Chakrapath, Tripureshwor, and Ekantakuna filled to the brim with enduro-centric gear and apparel. Whether you need jackets for skidding across the dirt, or an off road helmet, you can find it at Crossfire’s showrooms.

At the 4.1 star rated Crossfire showroom in Chakrapath, you can walk in assured of good management and customer service, and at all three of their showrooms in Kathmandu you can expect:


  • Authorised sales of Crossfire bikes
  • Authorised servicing of Crossfire bikes
  • Sales of endure gears and accessories
  • Sales of apparel


Of course, given the youth of the brand, you also have to keep in mind that they haven’t had as much time to refine their brand or service unlike the rest of the manufacturers on this list. So reliability might not be as consistent as the rest.

Crossfire Enfield Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Crossfire HJ 250
  • Crossfire GR7 250
  • Crossfire RM 250 Race Edition
  • Crossfire Tracker 250


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-4016062.



BMW Motorrad Showroom

Similar to Ducati, BMW Motorrad is a brand known for luxurious and quality motorcycles with only a few people with pockets deep enough to ride them on the streets for daily use. In the international market, the German manufacturer is known for the likes of the BMW S 1000 RR and the BMW M 1000 RR—a 1000cc motorbike on the ranks of the Yamaha R1 and Kawasaki ZX-10R—, without a doubt one of the best options in the supermoto range.


However, in the Nepali market, BMW Motorrad only distributes two of its bikes; a 313cc Adventurer and a 313cc naked—both of which can be bought from the BMW Motorrad Nepal showroom in Naxal, the only BMW Motorrad showroom for bikes in Nepal.

BMW Showroom in kathmandu

The BMW G310 GS  and the BMW G310R are the entry level adventurer and roadster from BMW. For those who really want the full maximum BMW experience but are held back by the country’s imports, these bikes are younger siblings comparable to the more powerful R 1250 GS and the R 1250 R.


At BMW Motorrad in Naxal you can get:

  • Authorised sales of BMW bikes
  • Authorised servicing of BMW bikes
  • Sales of spare parts
  • Sales of BMW certified pre-owned bikes with extended warranty


When you buy a BMW bike from the showroom in Naxal, you are not just buying a bike but becoming part of a niche community of BMW riders in Nepal.

BMW Motorrad Bikes Available In Nepal

  • BMW G310 GS
  • BMW G310 R


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 01-4518798.



TVS Showroom

Another Indian manufacturer on this list is TVS. Known for the long running Apache series and the Ntorq scooters, TVS is a manufacturer that produces a tech filled experience to riders at an affordable price. Especially with the TVS Raider, TVS has made possibly the best budget option in the commuter segment for newer riders.


But don’t form your thoughts on TVS just yet because the manufacturer from India also owns Norton, a historical brand from England. Additionally, from the likes of it, TVS might soon release the TVS Ronin into the Nepali market. The Ronin is a stunning cruiser/cafe-racer that looks like nothing else TVS has ever released, really making use of the Norton acquisition.


Read more about the TVS Ronin here.


If any of what TVS has to offer seems of interest to you, you can purchase TVS bikes through Jagdamba Motors—the sole distributor of TVS bikes in Nepal—at their showrooms in Naxal and Teku. However, all TVS showrooms are consistently rated 3.5 to 4.5 stars so you can be assured of good service anywhere.


At Jagadamba Motor showrooms for TVS bikes in Kathmandu you can find:

  • Authorised sales of TVS bikes
  • Authorised servicing of TVS bikes
  • Attractive financing offers

TVS Bikes Available In Nepal

  • TVS Apache RR 310
  • TVS Apache RTR 200 4V
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 4V
  • TVS Apache RTR 180
  • TVS Raider 125
  • TVS Max 125
  • TVS Stryker 125
  • TVS Radeon 110


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 16600131337.


Suzuki Showroom

The last manufacturer on this list, also from Japan, is Suzuki. Known internationally for the monstrous Hayabusa, GSXR series, and the squids that ride them; and known in Nepal for commuters like Hayate, and the Intruder, Suzuki definitely has a large presence in the motorbike market.


The stylish commuters and powerful sport bikes from Suzuki are solely distributed in Nepal by VG Automobiles Private Limited though 6 showrooms in Kathmandu, and their head office in Teku. At any of these outlets, riders can get a closer look at Suzuki’s portfolio and decide which biking guild suits them best.


With a consistent rating of 3.5 to 4 star reviews, Suzuki showrooms provide reliable and enjoyable experience for anyone that walks into their showroom, especially at their head office in Teku. Of course at all of their showrooms you can find:


  • Authorised sales of Suzuki bikes
  • Authorised servicing of Suzuki bikes


However, for a brand with a rich history like Suzuki, the number of showrooms and the diversity of their bikes available in Nepal seems rather lacklustre in comparison to the other brands on this list.

Suzuki Bikes Available In Nepal

  • Suzuki Gixxer SF 250
  • Suzuki Gixxer 250
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF 150
  • Suzuki Gixxer 150
  • Suzuki Intruder 150
  • Suzuki Hayate


If you want to contact the showrooms, you can do so through email or by calling 9801344263 / 9801333949.



Altogether, the twelve manufacturers listed here altogether have hundreds of showrooms all over Nepal—Honda and Bajaj alone have 70 and over a hundred each—, a decent chunk of which are found in Kathmandu; making the process of buying a bike much easier.


If you’re in the search for a bike, we recommend you visit showrooms of as many brands as possible and take a test drive of the bikes of your choice before making a final decision. In doing so, you get a feel for the bike’s comfort and how the bike performs—not just what the spec sheet says has to say.


Additionally, you might be interested in reading this blog on how to buy the right helmet for you—fitting, safety standards, and price included!


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