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Tilicho Expedition on Pulsar N250

The “Tilicho Lake Expedition on Pulsar N250” has recently been the talk of the town. Our two adventurers; Nikhil and Nitesh have set an example to adventurers daring themselves to perform the impossible. They set an example for people that hardwork and perseverance will lead to the fulfillment of one’s wildest and unimaginable dreams. This first interview episode of the three amazing episodes majorly focuses on their initiating idea on how this wild expedition came into existence. Even though being apart from one another for earning a sustainable lifestyle, Nikhil and Nitesh were able to bring this idea of doing an adventurous project from 2015 to application and actual planning during the lockdown. A coffee talk about their dreams and past wishes brought them together to actually make the Tilicho Lake expedition happen. Nikhil’s recent trek to Tilicho Lake was the ultimate push and convincing factor for both the adventurers to take the Pulsar N250 to the height of 4919 meters above the sea level.
Riding a bike to the lake situated at the highest altitude in the entire globe would definitely not come easy. With difficult situations like handling the 16 member production team, shooting the movie at that altitude, the unpredictable harsh weather to altitude sickness suffered by the first time crew members, the team had to tackle many issues. Despite a broken collar bone and not being able to ride anymore, Nitesh supported Nikhil in his entire expedition to Tilicho Lake on the Pulsar N250. Nitesh took the responsibility to fulfill his, Nikhil’s and now, the entire team's dream to reach the end destination; Tilicho Lake on the Pulsar N250. In the upcoming episodes, you can expect more information about the bike details as well as their first hand experience on the Pulsar N250 given by our dearest Nikhil and Nitesh.



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