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20 Sep 2022

It is the new generation of premium cleaning and care products for one’s vehicle and now more. Talo initially teased its products through videos showing the logo and by just the name viewers could figure the jist of this product. Talo came out with a simple gray talo with its signature red rims on the border. It is a premium product catering to top-class cleaning care to one’s vehicle. Talo in its introductory phase positioned itself as just a car cleaning towel, with exceptional absorption abilities and premium quality. Now, it has diversified itself to cleaning towels used for skin, normal everyday cleaning use and more.

The iconic gray talo with red rims is a premium highest grade fabric from Korea that claims to absorb over 1.5 liters of water in a single session without even drying. The fabric material is scratch proof with a smell resistant design and surprisingly is suitable for human skin making it a versatile product. Designed to deliver maximum performance Talo has the largest size in the market measuring 24 x 37 inches. Now, Talo is available in sizes such as the Puntey Talo and Fuchhey Talo. This cleaning towel’s nanofiber technology enhances efficiency as the water from any surface is absorbed with just a drag across it. Thus, stating the company’s favorite line

“Don't wipe, just swipe!”. 

It has perfectly placed its products at the premium range alongside their ads hinting the premium feel and affiliation. Talo is definitely going to grow bigger and better in the cleaning and care products for vehicles in Nepal as this sector is left untouched.

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