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Suzuki Avenis 125 | Full Review

Suzuki has had a fair share of unique two-wheelers in the scooter sector. From the upgraded Suzuki Access 125, Suzuki Burgman 125 and now to the sporty looking Suzuki Avenis 125, Suzuki's two-wheelers have it all. Continuing the amazing streak of 125 scooter segments for Suzuki, the Avenis 125 is the third in the lineup. Making exemplary marks in the two-wheeler sector, this flagship scooter has many things stocked up for its buyers.

The body of the scooter is so much more different than the gigantic body of Burgman and the simple looks of Access. From the frontal view we can see a three way color combination of the body and the shield. The scooters aesthetic is connected to the youthful generation, thus to give a sporty and fast feel to the body, color and graphics are well-coordinated into its overall design. The headlamp is a body mounted super bright LED headlamp for enhanced visibility and a compact design and the LED indicators are placed right next to the handlebars. The new design really complements the premium and sporty look of the scooter. Sticking to the premium feel the mirrors are given a faux carbon finish design and a sporty looking console visor is placed too.
The handles bars are placed in a sporty riding position to give a smoother riding experience. The brake stoppers make it easy for the rider as it eliminates the need to manually hold on to the brakes during traffic jams. The digital instrument console is much more improved than the other Suzuki scooters. This console shows major information such as digital clock, fuel gauge, oil change indicator, speedometer, tripmeter and more. Suzuki has introduced something new with this scooter. Suzuki Ride Connectivity is the company's own connectivity system that helps the rider to easily connect their smartphone and scooter with the help of bluetooth. Using the connectivity application, the digital console showcases missed call alert, speed exceeding alert, phone battery level display, turn-by-turn navigation, ETA updates and more. The scooter has ample legroom and dual luggage hooks for extra storage. The USB port can be found in the front box and to its right side a keyhole for ignition and underseat storage can be found, along with a small 1 liter storage compartment.
Scooter’s latter part can be seen with comfortable pillion seats placed at a higher position than the rider seat. The split grab handles look coordinated to the scooter's color and sporty stance. The fuel cap can be found at the external hinge so that refueling is easier and no compromises on the massive 21.8 liter’s underseat storage. Even the muffle cover has an edgy look and design to blend the scooter's sporty structure. The scooters LED tail lamps are also a compact design that gives heavy illumination and halogene indicator lights are given a motorcycle inspired sports design. Side stand engine cut off to the engine kill switch, Avenis 125 has it all and is well suited for today’s generation, in terms of both style and performance.

The Suzuki Avenis 125 has a 125cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC FI engine, mated to a CVT transmission. It generates a power of 9.2 hp at 6750 rpm and a torque of 10 Nm at 8500 rpm. It supports both kick and electric start with an easy suzuki system engine kill and start switch ensuring stress free ignition. We can see significant changes and improvements on the engine of the Avenis 125 in comparison to the Access 125.
Its top speed is estimated at 90kmph. Being a sports scooter its pick up and acceleration is on point and the scooter can go from 0 to 60 kmph in just 10 seconds. It definitely is super fast and smooth for its kerb weight of 106 kgs. Its fuel tank capacity is 5.2 liters that easily gives an average company claimed mileage of 55 kmpl. This mileage rate is as good as any other best mileage scooter that is available in Nepal.

Avenis 125’s suspension system is an exact copy of the Access 125. With no significant changes, it has a front telescopic and rear swing arm suspension setting. This could have been made better for the sporty scooter the Avenis 125 is. Ground clearance at 160mm and wheelbase at 1265mm is good enough for a scooter that wants to be a fit for every road. These tubeless 12 inch wheels are sporty alloy wheels measuring 90/90 wheels in the front and 10 inch 90/100 rear wheels. Due to its amazing wheel grip and stability, the Avenis 125 has been designed to be even more secure and better at handling. The CBS braking system is an important feature in the scooter. This combined braking system makes the front disc and rear drum brakes link together to create an unified braking effort. Thus, from a safety point of view, this is a winning factor for Avenis 125.

Today’s market is demanding faster and sporty looking scooters. Scooters such as the TVS Ntorq, Yamaha Ray ZR, Honda Grazia are lead players in this scooter segment. For Suzuki Avenis 125 to survive this competitive market, it will have to make itself stand out from the crowd. Being a fresher in the two-wheeler scooter market, Suzuki is working very hard to create an image for itself in the two wheeler market in Nepal. The Indian market had a very positive response to this scooter, thus we can also expect a similar response from the customer base in Nepal. Scooter is priced at Rs. 2,99,900, and available in colors green, orange, black and white, along with a special edition version of each of these colors. Equipped for both sports are regular usage, Suzuki Avenis 125 will definitely create a space for itself in this competitive game of the better sports scooter.


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