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Suzuki Access 125 | Reviews

Suzuki access is one of the very first variants of its two-wheelers to be ever launched by Suzuki in the Indian market. Since its launch in 2007, it has grown in popularity and performance. The Suzuki Access 125 has been improving on mileage and performance according to the market's requirements.

Starting with the aesthetics, the overall silhouette and looks are identical to its older version. The body has a mature look now but it has maintained its retro look. The front continues to get the retro-looking headlamp but the new all-LED unit generates a very similar illumination to its older halogen lights. Scooter’s legroom is adjusted with a small handy pocket and USB port to charge one’s phone while riding. The instrument console has a very simple design and minimal digital display. One noticeable feature on the scooters console is the Suzuki ‘Eco Assist Lights’. According to the throttle input, the indicator light on the display console changes from green to light blue to very blue. Twisting the throttle once makes the color change to blue and releasing it makes it turn green. A small digital display present on the console shows twin tripmeters, battery voltage and a button to set the brightness of the LED strip. There is a one push central lock system that includes an underseat unlock button as well. The very new easy-start system supports a one-push scooter start system. Major changes can be seen on the rear part of the scooter. The fuel filler is shifted to the outer part of the scooters tail as a new chrome external fuel inlet. Its cap has a manual lock and key system. The fuel tank, compared to its older version, is reduced by 0.6 liters to increase the underseat storage to 22.3 liters. In comparison to other 100cc and 125cc scooters, it has a larger storage space that can adjust a full size helmet and other small knick knacks. Having the lengthiest footboard among the scooters in the segment, shows how the suzuki access 125 heavily prioritizes comfort.

A drastic change can be seen on the scooters engine from a carburettor to fuel injection engine. It still uses a 124cc, single-cylinder engine equipped with a new BS6 emission standard. This upgrade has brought some changes in the scooter's performance. Peak power output remains identical to the old access 125, at 8.7p @ 6750 rpm. Whereas, Peak torque has reduced from 10.2Nm to 10Nm @5000 rpm. In action, the new Access feels almost similar as before but the sound is more smooth and refined. Suzuki Access 125 BS6 FI possesses another important feature that is improved mileage. Even though the fuel tank capacity is reduced by 5 liters, its mileage has increased from 50 to 55 kmpl which is impressive compared to its older version and competes with major mileage scooters in the market. The scooters sweet spot is at 70-75 kph but it performs best at 65kph mark and beyond that the performance flattens out noticeably. Even though the kerb weight has increased by 2kgs to 103kgs, the Access is still quick to sprint to 80kph. Overall performance is significantly different from its older version.

The front Telescopic and rear Swing Arm suspension set up continues to be the same as the previous BS4 model. Its combination of the tubeless wheels and suspension retains its impressive ride quality. Access 125 riders are comfortable even riding through the potholes of Kathmandu. A plus point is the
scooter’s stability. The Access 125 has always been the best well-balanced scooter and the BS6 version is no different. While driving on low speed during traffic jams the scooter tends to stick to its line which eventually minimizes the number of times you need to keep your feet down. Its braking system has always been on point. BS6 version has a Combined Braking System (CBS) which makes controlling better, keeping the braking distance shorter.

Suzuki Access 125 is a very popular and loved model in the Indian Market. Its BS6 FI variant has been able to bring a change in the Nepali commuter segment market. A visit to the company’s service center, the two-wheeler will be given general servicing and mobil change at only Rs. 950 that shows the scooter's long term efficiency. Comparatively it has minimal maintenance cost and the company also provides a 5 year warranty, directly targeting the family segment. It is priced at Rs. 2,65,900. Claimed as the family commuter scooter of the decade Suzuki access 12 BS6 FI variant has made an impact in this scooter segment. It definitely missed out on some fancy bits like engine start-stop tech, side stand indicator. Although not being a feature-rich scooter all its available features remain to be practical for a good family scooter.


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