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Super SOCO CUX | Review

A conscious electric vehicle rider would prefer a light weight two-wheeler with a simple design. Supersoco’s electric scooters exactly serve this category. The designs are simple, mundane and unique to any electric two-wheeler out in the market. Minimal branding and graphics makes Supersoco’s electric two-wheelers more appealing to the eyes.

The Super Soco CuX has Clean edges, simple looks and a modern design. The U-shape headlight is placed at a unique position. This LED DRL headlamp is placed horizontally on the scooters head. These lights are automatically adjusted to its surroundings. The headlamp and indicator lamp is clustered in the same area which makes it look even more clean and sharp. Just below the headlamp a small space for a Dash Cam can be seen. This is an addition to the scooter after it is purchased. The VA (Vertical Alignment) multiple function display showcases speed, battery capacity, ride mode, parking indication and error report, helpful for the rider. This retro-themed multi function cluster senses light on its own and is able to adjust its brightness accordingly.

The handlebars definitely are placed at a height, possibly causing some discomfort when riding. This position is due to the retro look that this electric scooter carries. The left side of the Handlebar has buttons to indicator lights, horn and cruise control, whereas on the right we can get the mode change, hazard light, engine kill switch and set button. The extra button on the right is the Dash Cam button that starts to record or take pictures when pressed. Both Key and Keyless start options are available.

Important rider’s view features include:
- Spacious and comfortable legroom
- Smooth handling due to narrower neck of the scooter
- Front boot space for additional storage
- Perfectly placed USB charging point

The seats of the CuX looks unbelievably small but is equally comfortable for both the rider and the one sitting on the pillion seat. Below the super cushioned seats, we can get a spacious boot space and removable battery which is an important feature of every Super soco electric two-wheeler.

The tail lamp cluster in the rear is a sight to see. Very similar to the headlamp cluster, the tail lamp and rear indicators are kept together to look seamless. This definitely gives off the transparent CPU look. Even the tail indicators in the unique strip design are very different from the regular scooters in the market.


Battery and Speed:
Supersoco ko CPX is made for most roads, but the CuX performs best when driven for short city rides. Thus, it has a single battery with a larger power. The 60V30AH lithium battery pack is specially customized for the Super soco CuX. This battery also has the Intelligent battery management system that every supersoco’s electric two-wheeler has.
The battery has an:
- Estimated life of 5 years
- Over 600 battery cycle
- 3.5 hours of estimated fast charge time

The Intelligent battery management system makes the Cux “SMART”, as it connects the rider with the supersoco cloud. The SOCO app keeps the rider and their two-wheeler connected to each other. And with the advanced anti theft system, CuX has become the smartest model of all Supersoco two-wheelers.

The scooter has a 1300W BOSCH high-performance power motor that generates a max power of 2800W and a max torque of 115 Nm. Its top-speed is estimated at 75 kmph. CUX has a range of 85 km on full battery charge. The 1,2,3 ride modes progressively helps the scooter to be faster in every mode.

For better control, the CuX has a Carbon structural steel frame. This frame has helped the scooter build its durability, being lightweight (only 65kgs) and reducing excessive vibration. The 150 mm ground clearance is best for short in-city rides, definitely not ideal for rough and bumpy terrains. As the CuX is so light, handling and balance is even more
easy to achieve.

Wheels, Suspension and Braking:
CUX gets 17 inch wheels with tubeless tyres that measure 90/80 in the front and 110/70 in the rear. As mentioned earlier, the scooter is ideal for black topped roads and would be better to avoid rough roads for the good health of the scooter. We can see a hydraulic suspension set in the Super soco CuX making the ride smooth and soft. Counted under one of the many safety features that the CuX has, the Combi Braking System is one of them. Dual disc braking system focuses on short distance braking which makes the scooter very responsive to sudden brakes.

The Super soco CuX is a complete package. It can be compared to a 110cc petrol scooter which is actually commendable. It is simple, modern and elegant. Best used for Short distance travel and city rides, this scooter would be the ultimate household electric scooter.

It is available in basic colors like Grey, White, Silver, Red, Black. It is priced at Rs. 2,69,900 and the luxury gold variant is priced at Rs. 2,79,900.


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