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SHARK | Race-R Pro GP

The new flagship model of SHARK; the Race-R Pro GP FIM racing, has become the world’s first brand to be awarded the FIM certification, which is the highest rating for a racer helmet. It has secured its position along with very few helmets that are allotted 5-star rating under the safety sector. The video is a look through of the most prominent features of this amazing helmet. Its shell is made up of the most sturdy and light material; carbon fiber. This material is stronger than steel and can prevent casualties in accidents where the bike is bolting at the speed of 300 km/h. Regardless of its abilities and strength, it weighs 1300g, which is comparatively very light of a racing helmet.
The visor is an easy to adjust glass. The black tint on the visor is used as a mode to reduce radiation effects on the rider. It has a locking system that makes it even more safe. The inner padding is soft and comfortable and also absorbs sweat smell and prevents sweat stains. This helmet has the best air dynamics because of its depth, resulting in better air circulation and the air ducts acting as a protective layer. Priced at Rs. 1,45,000, it lies in the premium category. It is one the best racer helmets that has to ever exist.


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