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Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Price and Specs in Nepal

Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Price and Specs in Nepal

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the NADA Auto Show 2023 and among the crazy crowds in the venue, Royal Enfield has just launched their most affordable bike in Nepal in 2023 - the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. With a completely new and fresh look and appealing to the younger generation today, this isn't just a motorcycle; it's an adrenaline-pumping journey waiting to be unleashed. Let's dive into what makes the Hunter 350 a standout choice for Nepal's passionate riders.


Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Overview

Established in 1893, Royal Enfield has been synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and a passion for the open road. Over the years, the brand has built a reputation for producing iconic motorcycles that resonate with riders around the world and the Hunter 350 is the result of that innovation with time and demand. 


Here are some features that set it apart:


Fresh Design: The Hunter 350 boasts a fresh, proportionate design from all angles, combining modern aesthetics with vintage charm.

Variants: It comes in two exciting variants: Hunter Metro and Hunter Retro, each offering a unique riding experience.

Circular Speedometer: The Metro variant features a circular speedometer, adding a touch of nostalgia.

Comfortable Seating: The Hunter 350's seat is designed for both short and tall riders, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Competitive Pricing: Despite its premium features, the Hunter 350 is competitively priced, making it accessible to a wide range of riders and the most affordable Royal Enfield bike in Nepal in 2023. 

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Key Specifications of Royal Enfield Hunter 350


Engine and Performance of Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Engine Type: Single-Cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC, EFI

Emission Standard: BS6

Displacement: 349 cc

Cooling System: Oil Cooled

Starting Mechanism: Self Starter Only

Max Power: 20.48 PS @ 6100 rpm

Max Torque: 27 Nm @ 4000 rpm

Gearbox: 5-Speed

Top Speed: 114 Kmph

Fuel Tank Capacity: 13 liters

Mileage: 36 kmpl


Design and Styling of Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The Hunter 350's design pays homage to classic Royal Enfield styling while incorporating modern elements. Here's a closer look at its design and styling:

Front: The Hunter 350 features a circular Halogen Headlamp and Indicators at the front, giving it a distinctive and classic look.

Suspension: It comes with Telescopic suspension at the front, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Side Profile: The side profile of the bike showcases a well-thought-out tank profile and seats, adding to its overall aesthetics.


The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 offers a variety of options to suit different preferences. It comes in two primary variants: Retro and Metro.


Retro Variant Design and Styling

Design: Retro variant features single-tone colours and a design that pays homage to classic Royal Enfield styling.

Instrument Metre: It comes with a smaller instrument metre, which adds to its vintage appeal.

Switch Buttons: The switch buttons are simple and straightforward.

Grab Rail: The Retro variant features a single-piece tubular grab rail at the rear.

Metro Variant Design and Styling

Design: Metro variant offers dual-tone colours, providing a more modern and stylish look.

Instrument Metre: It features a larger and more contemporary instrument meter.

Switch Buttons: Circular switch buttons add to the modern aesthetics.

Grab Rail: The Metro variant comes with a split grab rail for added style.

Taillights: It boasts LED taillights with circular indicators, enhancing visibility and safety.


The choice between the Metro and Retro variants allows riders to select their preferred design aesthetic.

Dimensions of Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Length: 2055 mm

Width: 800 mm

Height: 1055 mm

Seat Height: 790 mm

Ground Clearance: 150 mm

Kerb Weight: 177 kg

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Chassis and Suspension of Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Chassis: Double-downtube Frame

Front Suspension: Telescopic, 41mm forks, 130mm travel

Rear Suspension: Twin tube emulsion shock absorbers with 6-step adjustable preload

Brakes and Tires of Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Front Brake Type: Disc (Metro), Disc/Drum (Retro)

Front Brake Size: 300 mm (Metro), N/A (Retro)

Rear Brake Type: Disc (Metro), Drum (Retro)

Rear Brake Size: 240 mm (Metro), 153 mm (Retro)

Front Wheel Size: 17 inches (Metro), Spoke (Retro)

Rear Wheel Size: 17 inches (Metro), Spoke (Retro)

Front Tyre Size: 110/70-17 (Metro), 100/80-17 (Retro)

Rear Tyre Size: 140/70-17 (Metro), 120/80-17 (Retro)

Tyre Type: Tubeless (Metro), Tubed (Retro)

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Electronics and Features of Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Instrument: Cluster Digi-analog LCD display

Fuel Gauge: Yes

Low Battery Indicator: Yes

Low Fuel Indicator: Yes

USB Charging: Yes

Hunter 350

Colours of Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Metro Hunter Colors

Retro Hunter Colors

Dapper White

Factory Black

Dapper Ash

Factory Silver

Dapper Grey


Rebel Black


Rebel Blue


Rebel Red


Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Price in Nepal

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 price in Nepal starts from Rs. 4.59 lakhs. This model is available in two variants, each with its own price point:


Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Variants

Price in Nepal

Retro Hunter

Rs. 459000

Metro Hunter (Dapper Colors)

Rs. 475000

Metro Hunter (Rebel Colors)

Rs. 479000


Riding Experience for Royal Enfield Hunter 350

With the upright rider’s triangle as seen in the Royal Enfield Classic 350, the Hunter 350 is sportier than other RE bikes. One of the standout features of the Hunter 350 is its rider-friendly ergonomics. The bike is designed to be easy to ride, with a seat that's comfortable for people of any height. The rake angle, and low center of gravity have been meticulously designed to let you effortlessly maneuver the streets. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycles, you'll find that the Hunter 350 provides a comfortable riding experience.



In conclusion, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is a captivating blend of classic aesthetics and modern performance, tailor-made for the streets of Nepal. With its affordable pricing because of its assembly in Nepal , rider-friendly ergonomics, and distinctive design, it stands out as an ideal choice for adventure enthusiasts, especially youngsters. The Hunter 350 promises an exhilarating journey, so don’t miss the opportunity to own this iconic roadster.


Royal Enfield Hunter 350 FAQs

What is the price of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 in Nepal?

The price of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 in Nepal ranges from Rs. 4,59,000 to Rs. 4,79,000.


What are the available colour options for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350?

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is available in a variety of colours - Dapper White, Factory Black, Dapper Ash, Factory Silver, Dapper Grey, Rebel Black, Rebel Blue, and Rebel Red.


What are the key features of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350?

The key features of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 include a 350cc J-Series engine, roadster styling, halogen headlamp, analog-digital metre, tripper pod app for navigation, telescopic and adjustable twin shock suspension, USB charging, and much more. 


How does the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 perform on off-road terrains? 

While the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is primarily designed for on-road riding, its manoeuvrability and suspension setup make it suitable for handling light off-road terrains and rough roads with ease.


What safety features does the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 have?

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 features single-channel ABS (in Retro variant) and dual-channel ABS (in Metro variant) for efficient braking and improved safety.


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