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Okaya’s newest venture; to Nepal

Okaya’s newest venture; to Nepal

Okaya Energy & E-Mobility Group, formerly known as the Okaya Power Group, has formed a strategic alliance with Vriddhi-Shasheela Electric Pvt. Ltd. to bring electric scooters to Nepal. OKAYA, the pioneer in the battery manufacturing industry, has been a symbol of trust and quality for years in India. Okaya is known for providing a wide range of batteries along with charging stations to meet the different energy requirements of the consumer.

Okaya is the sole manufacturer of 100% Tubular Batteries, which are considered as best for power backup needs, used both in Inverter and Solar Batteries. Incorporating the best attributes of the companies, they have successfully made an alliance with Vriddhi-Shasheela, an icon in the Nepali automotive industry, in bringing Okaya’s newest venture; Okaya Ev, to Nepal. The scooter is designed and equipped to heavily fulfill the needs and requirements for the consumers specifically in Nepal, whilst also meeting the demand for environmentally viable and emission free transportation options. As this venture is backed by the combined experience and expertise of the companies in their provided fields, Okaya EV promises to introduce the Faast series of IOT Smart Scooters with some unique industry-first features and the longest extended range given by any other scooter in the electric two-wheeler segment.

The Okaya Faast has the largest battery capacity of any e-Scooter that has ever existed at 4.4 kWh, with a range of 140-160 km on a single charge and a top speed of 70 kmph. In the second half of the year, there will be many launches. According to the plans, A hyper-efficient battery changing service would also be created across Nepal that would efficiently support this venture of Okaya Ev and Vriddhi Shasheela in making Nepal’s mobility green.


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