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NADA Auto show | Electric Vehicles

26 Aug 2022

With the entire globe turning towards modes of sustainability and environmental friendly measures to solve everyday problems, the rise of electric vehicles simply explains this phenomenon. We are pretty aware about the NADA Auto Show that happens every year, but this year the NADA Automobile Association of Nepal has changed the path of this event in an interesting manner. They are conducting the NADA Auto show for the Electric Vehicles in Nepal. This event is happening from the 22nd to the 25th of September, 2022, at the Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Hall, Kathmandu.
Initiating their step towards sustainable mobility, the NADA EV EXPO aims to be the march en route for a sustainable development of the Nepalese Automobile sector. This event plans to enable the EV manufacturers and dealers to present their vehicles performance, safety, efficiency and sustainability in order to take the Nepali Automobile Market towards a sustainable direction. This event also inclines towards the latest development on energy saving, green energy and new energy that will be exerted by different EV brands and companies. It is going to be a comprehensive EV platform for many local and global electric vehicle brands. The exhibition will include an array of products such as Electric car, bike, scooter, rickshaws, light commercials, charging stations and solutions, component manufacturer, Battery storage and management system and other major components that amounts to the EV sector of the automobile industry. The event wants to focus on technology focused in sustainability, be a mode of awareness, be a B2B and B2C hub for dealers, manufacturers and customers and finally be a launchpad for any new entrants in the sector. This step taken by NADA is definitely going to change and move the market statistics towards sustainable mobility.

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