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Improve Battery Life in EVs

Improve Battery Life in EVs

Tips and Tricks to increase electric scooter’s battery life.
The wave of electric two wheelers has been slowly swamping the Nepali Market.The fuel price and pollution concerns are making the vehicle buyers opt for the electric option. Similar to the fuel injected two wheelers, the electric two wheelers must also be maintained to increase the battery life of the scooter. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that will help sustain and even increase the electric scooter’s battery life.

- DO NOT OVERCHARGE: Frequently charging the scooter will not be helpful for its battery life. Like any other electric device, frequent and overcharging will result in reduced battery power.

- DO NOT OVERLOAD: Overloading the charging station will create blocks in the power distribution to the connected devices. This will ultimately lead to unevenly distributed power causing loss of efficiency in charging.

- USE THE CORRECT CHARGER: Using the designated charging plugs for the scooter is necessary so that the battery is not hampered.

- DO NOT ADD EXTRA ACCESSORIES: With additions such as extra headlights, speakers or even batteries may cause the battery to overload, which is actually designated to power the scooter solely.


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