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Headlight Etiquettes

Nepal’s road and road safety rules are scattered all over the place. From speeding to overtaking and traffic rules to safety rules for vehicles, road safety regulations are not accurately followed and stated by the department themselves. Headlight Etiquettes are still not properly discovered and explored in the roads of Nepal. There are no rigid rules about the timing for the usage of high beam and low beam lights. Light indicators for indicating the ride route is still not seriously taken unless it is in the vehicle trial exams. Specifically the Headlight Etiquette is something that needs to be considered with the increasing flow of vehicles on the roads of Nepal.

As India adopted the European rule to adjust into Automatic Headlight On (AOH) or also known as the day-time-running light technology, almost every vehicle, especially the two-wheelers coming in from India were equipped with this technology. The concept of Automatic Headlight On (AOH) was developed to govern road safety to the maximum level as it induced improved visibility during the daytime, and definitely heading towards the evening. Due to this the low-beam headlights are always running which may have differed the users attention towards what intensity of light is being used.

The incorrect usage of light will directly affect the opposite person driving another vehicle. A person riding the vehicle must be aware of the correct usage of Headlight according to the timeof the day and weather condition. This could be a surprising fact for many but the usage of high beam headlight during heavy rains, fog and heavy snow is heavily discouraged as the high beam lights are directly reflected by the water droplets and snow, making it a glaring effect for the person driving on the opposite lane. This may cause unprecedented damages to the driver. These are unsaid and unwritten rules that vehicle drivers must be aware of but in the context of Nepal, these minute but crucial rules are neglected causing damage to the riders and even the pedestrians on the roads.


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