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Half VS Full Helmets

Safety is the utmost priority while riding a two-wheeler that is not externally protected. Additional external gadgets and accessories are added onto the two-wheeler to make the ride safe. Helmets are the two-wheeler accessory made to protect the rider from any casualty and possible injury. Not all different types of helmets available in the market serve a common purpose of protection. We can majorly distribute the helmets available in the Nepali market into three kinds of helmets:

1. Full Face
- As their name states, it covers the entire face of the rider, from the head to their chin. Naturally they offer the best protection as it completely covers the head of a rider giving 360 degree protection from the front till the back. These helmets do have some disadvantages to it. Because it is a full face covering helmet, it can get quite hot and claustrophobic, the face may not be properly ventilated, the field of vision is more concentrated and narrow and sound is muffled. Regardless, keeping safety at the pinnacle, a full face helmet is what everyone recommends and must actually use.
We have short videos on youtube channel; NepaliWheels, about a few full face helmets from SHARK, NIKKO and AGV.

2. Three quarters helmets:
- This type of helmet is focused on covering the top, sides and back of the rider's head but it leaves the chin and face unprotected. The three quarter helmet would be beneficial for someone who enjoys heavy ventilation and clearer sound. But it compromises on protecting a crucial section of the face that could be directly affected by a mishap. These types of helmets could be opted for normal city rides but full face helmets are preferable when one has to travel far.

3. Half Face helmets (Egg Shell helmets)
- The egg shell helmets are half helmets that cover only the top of the rider's head. These helmets do not protect any part of the head and there is a possibility that this helmet could fly off in case of an accident. These helmets are majorly used by cruiser bike riders and scooter riders.
High speed highway rides with many possible risk factors associated could be supported by a full face helmet. Comfortable and moderate speed rides could be supported by three quarter helmets and half faced helmets are helmets that are worn for the sake of wearing it. It would be rather wise to opt for three quarter helmets available in the market.
People have different opinions on what helmet suits best for what type of ride and two-wheeler. It is best to opt for the type of helmet one feels safe and comfortable in. 100% protection, 100% comfort and 100% enjoyment is what two-wheeler rides are all about.



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