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Guide to Perfect Helmet Size

A Helmet is the most crucial safety gear that is used while riding a two-wheeler. Helmets are the head safety gear that is essential to protect a rider from any possible incident that may occur. It is also one of the most effective protective gear available while driving a two-wheeler. Its effectiveness is showcased when it perfectly fits the riders head, incorporating both comfort and safety. Below mentioned are some simple ways that can help an individual to select the best fitting helmet for their ride.

1. Recognize the right shape of your head
- Most helmets are made to fit the three distinct head circumferences; long oval, intermediate oval and round oval. Knowing the right head circumference will help one to short list their options of helmets and different sizes.

2. Measuring the circumference
- Manually measuring the head circumference with a measuring tape will help recognize the accurate sizing of the helmet that would be the best fit for one’s head. This will also determine what style of helmet would best fit the person's head.

3. Check the accessories
- The added accessories include removable pads, helmet straps, vents, visor and more. It is important to evaluate how these accessories would complement the helmet’s fit. Rather than focusing on the looks of a safety helmet, it is crucial to recognize and take advantage of its safety benefits. The nepali market has brands such as Shark, AGV, SMK, Strom, Studds and more in the best safety two-wheeler helmets.


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