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Genuine Spare Parts In KTM

Did you know that the original vehicle manufacturer alone manufactures and supplies two different variants of spare parts in the market. Imagine what the secondary market and more importantly the aftermarket industry looks like??? The number of fakes and duplicates???

“In the US alone there are over 1100 spare auto parts manufacturing businesses and imagine the number of retailers and wholesalers who are selling these to the car manufacturers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and even the aftermarket industry.”

The spare auto parts market is globally a well flourishing business that has its reach to every nook and cranny to serve what the vehicle owners require to maintain, modify and protect their vehicles. The asian side of the globe is always forward in terms of the automobile industry as major car companies have their entities based in the asian lands. Similarly, the spare parts industry is massive to reciprocate the demand for spare auto parts in this region.
“Let’s be more specific to the spare parts of bikes.”
In such a small country like Nepal, we can witness the densely populated spare parts market spread all over the country. From genuine spare parts to the duplicate aftermarket spare parts, the nepali market has everything to offer at varying price ranges. Not all spare auto parts sellers sell genuine or company stamped products. There are three listed variations of spare parts available in nepal. They are listed below:

- These spare parts are the ones that are ethically manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer themselves or company contracted manufacturer. These are the most expensive variation of spare parts as they are genuinely made to fit for the vehicle with original company logo, stamps, RFIDs and more recognizing factors. These spare parts are built to last and perfectly complement the vehicle they are used in and are warrantied by the vehicle manufacturer themselves. In the context of Nepal, there are companies and stores that sell genuine spare parts for brands such as TVS, KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Bajaj and other more two-wheeler companies. It can be difficult to find genuine and original spare parts for some older versions of bikes and scooters and can be a really heavy penny for the pocket.

- OEM are the outsourced manufacturers that are appointed by the original vehicle manufacturer to produce spare parts under their specifications and quality guidelines. OEM spare parts are exactly the same as genuine spare parts but are packaged under the label of the outsourced company but the product inside is the one that exactly fits the vehicles of the manufacturer. Outsourcing is always a cheaper way to operate and do things. So outsourcing the spare auto parts manufacturer, the vehicle companies save a pretty penny under this route to manufacture. It also makes these spare parts much cheaper and affordable than the original ones. These OEM parts are accredited by the original vehicle manufacturer, are of the best quality, fit for your two-wheeler and available easily at an affordable rate. Thus, this variation of spare parts are said to be the best quality ones for the best price. Nepal’s market is filled with such dealers who sell these OEM spare parts for similar companies mentioned above. Consumers in Nepal also prefer to buy these OEM spare parts in Nepal due to the advantages of affordability and trusted quality.

- These variations of spare parts are generally made for the most popular vehicles and are counterfeited from the original spare parts designs and quality. As the name says Aftermarket parts, this explains that these products are generally a copy and duplicate of the genuine and OEM parts that already exist in the market. They lag in quality, accuracy of the fit in the vehicle, guarantee from the original vehicle companies, the companies logo and accreditation marks. Some aftermarket parts could be manufacturing even better quality spare parts than the OEM parts but the majority of them heavily differ in quality. They are way cheaper than the genuine and OEM parts and are less durable as the materials used to build are not the best in quality. The Nepalese market has a wide market for the aftermarket spare parts that will help buyers save a hefty amount of money. These aftermarket parts heavily affect the entire vehicle in performance and even deteriorate the vehicle in the long run.
The Nepal market for spare parts of bikes and scooters is very diverse. There are people who only prefer genuine parts and some vehicle owners who want to settle for the cheapest product possible. To keep one’s vehicle healthy, it is highly recommended to at least use the OEM products to save some money as well saving the vehicle from future damages. There are some well renowned spare parts sellers in the Kathmandu Valley are Auto Spare parts Nepal, Nepal Auto Deals, Yamaha Genuine Spare parts, Honda Genuine parts, Shree Deep Auto center and many more stores that we might have missed.

Do mention the names of the stores in the comment section below, that you know of sells the most reliable Spare parts in Nepal. And always be careful on what you invest your penny into specially for the assets you love.


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