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Gears For Rides: Winter Edition

Dear fellow riders, have the winter winds and weather stopped your regular weekend rides or is it difficult for you to beat the freezing winter winds? No matter what season it is, the weekend rides should not stop. Thus, we have compiled a list of the most crucial gears that will prevent the cold winds from disrupting your smooth and exhilarating weekend rides.

1. Balaclava Mask
- The Balaclava mask is a full face mask that covers the entirety of your face leaving an opening for the eyes. These full face masks are essential during the cold winter rides so that your nose, ears and neck is protected from catching a cold.

2. Gloves
- Unlike the light weight summer riding gloves, riding gloves for the winter must be thick and wind repellent. The inner lining must have fleece in it to keep the hands warm for better handling and acceleration force. Leather or windproof materials are preferred for the winter riding gloves.

3. Chest guard
- A chest guard is a vest-looking clothing item that is worn underneath the riding jacket. It is an extra element added to protect the rider's chest from any possible contact to the cold winter winds.

4. Riding Jacket
- The regular clothes or windproof jackets are not enough to handle and refract the winter winds. A proper thick riding jacket with optimum soundproofing abilities is required so that the rider's upper body does not come in contact with the freezing winter winds.

5. Knee and arm guards
- These gears are for the intensive riders. These gears protect the riders from the freezing winds plus they are major protective gears that also prevent fatalities in accidents and events of sudden disbalance of the two-wheeler.


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