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Crossfire Tracker 250 | Full Review

The name Crossfire resembles a roaring dirt bike, racing its way through the biking tracks. Among the many Dirt bikes available in Nepal, Crossfire is really popular. It is majorly due to the product range that varies from affordable to feature packed expensive dirt bikes. The Tracker 250 is one of the popular variants of crossfire that can be seen racing through the city tracks, wildest terrains and everyday streets, making it a combination of the best of both worlds. It is tagged as the everyday offroader and is filled with very unique and model specific features and specifications to support its duality.

This Tracker 250 is a well-revised and updated version of its older predecessor and has many external and internal upgrades and changes that will be a fit for all. There are significant physical changes on this new Tracker 250. The frame is made of an advanced steel tube single beam frame that helps the bike to improve cornering performance, traction feel and bump stability has also improved. An upgrade from the halogen headlamps from the previous version, this model has a “Baja” (pronounced as BAHA) inspired retro looking DRL LED headlamps and indicators that gives excellent visibility. The narrow and tapered look, along with other elements makes the bike seem even more sleek and stylish. Handlebar position is a standard upright position which helps maintain balance by placing the body in the central part of the bike during both on and off road rides. The side mirrors too have an outward placement. This new version has an upgraded digital console. The LCD display shows speedometer, odometer, fuel meter, clock, gear shift indicators and more. A USB charging port is placed just below the digital console, which is going to be very helpful for everyday users.
Maintaining the bike’s tapered and slim look, the shape of the fuel tank has been narrowed down. To maintain a center of gravity during rides, the seats are made wider which is more comfortable than the previous version. Pillion seats levitate above the rear tyres, giving it a very futuristic look. Even the aluminum skid plates and rubber footpegs are upgraded in this new version of the Tracker 250. The exhaust and the framework in the rear section completely goes with the overall aesthetic and look of this retro-modern everyday offroader. To support the LED electrical system, tail and rear indicator lights are LED as well. The indicator lights are sleek and edgy and the tail light is raised to a point that makes it look like it is commanding the trails in the dark.

The tracker 250 has a 223 cc single-cylinder, four-stroke, 2-valve, air-cooled, carburetor engine with a BS4 compliant and a signature crossfire stamp on its exterior. This engine generates 12.5KW @8000 rpm of power and 17 NM @ 5500 rpm of torque, which is surprisingly fewer than the older version. This bike’s power and engine performance is specially fine-tuned and optimized for the nepalese road conditions and trails. Tracker 250 only supports electric start. Because the engine is optimized for both on and off road travels, it claims the title of being the everyday offroader. A major upgrade can be seen in the gearbox. This version is matted with a 6 speed manual transmission box and a manual wet multiplate clutch, which makes the bike able to massively increase its acceleration for both daily usage and off-road traveling. Bike’s top speed is 110kmph. The 7.5 liters fuel tank capacity is able to give an average mileage of 30 kmpl, which means one full tank can give the rider a 200+ km travel distance. Even though the bike is 2 kgs heavier than its older version; 117kg, it is a very fast bike.

The front wheels measure 19” 80/100 and the rear wheels measure 16” 120/90. If tubeless tyres were used in this heavy duty racer, this bike would be the beast of all, but the 265mm wide wavy disc plates on the wheels does make it special. The suspension system is equipped with a highly capable telescopic suspension with front fork boots that can make rides in the urban cities and tough trails super smooth and without any strain. Ground clearance is 278mm and wheelbase is 1315mm which compliments Tracker 250’s slender body. Suspension travel is 180mm in the front and 35mm in the rear which is acceptable for the terrains the tracker 250 aims to ride through. According to the manufacturer, the braking system is made more accurate than the previous version, but ABS still seems to be missing. The 200mm front and 180mm rear disc plates dual disc braking system can be considered to be the all-rounder.
Tracker 250’s upgraded version has now widened their customer horizon from everyday users to users riding the bike for adventure. Seeing the older versions popularity as the bike was sold out within the first month of its launch, Crossfire wanted to revamp the bike again and launch it very specifically for the Nepali market. Tracker 250 could have waited for a little while to at least equip ABS braking, FI engine ran tubeless wheels into the bike, which could have given them a competitive advantage in the market. Tracker 250’s customer base is the combination of people who want to ride to their office during the weekdays and go trail hunting on the weekends. Priced at Rs. 4,10,000, Crossfire Tracker 250 is actually praise worthy for the dual features and specifications it provides at this price range.


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