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Apache Race Mode | ABS Work Rate

Sports Mode: When the bike is on sports mode, it generates maximum power alongside, at the first throttle twist the engine gives out sharp acceleration and launches high-speed and high-thrust. In this mode the engine generates 17.55 PS @ 9250 rpm of power and 14.73 Nm @ 7250 rpm of torque. The engine showcases its peak performance in this mode which is ideal for racing. Its maximum speed is 114kmph. The ABS braking system is also optimized so the rider can have full control over the bike.

Urban and Rain Mode: Urban mode is made for quick acceleration and deceleration on normal highways and roads. It is the best mode to maneuver around the city and the ABS is made even sharper for quicker response. Whereas, the Rain mode is equipped to make the bike go through harsh conditions, keeping the racing performance intact. The ABS performs at its peak in this mode. Both modes generate 15.64 PS @ 8600 rpm of power and 14.14 Nm @ 7250 rpm of torque. Their max speed is 103kmph.

With a simple button press, the RTR 160 4V can change from a racing beast to an all rounder and can adapt to any race and ride conditions. As the bikes engine and ABS system adapts to the different modes conveniently, it is hence tagged as “the unstoppable”. Its top speed is 140kmph doing justice to its racing tags. The bike has a 5 gear transmission system justifying its amazing speed on the road. Its 12 liter fuel capacity gives out an average 30.3kmpl mileage. The GTT (Glide Through Technology) makes the bike able to smoothly move without the need to hold on to the clutch. RTR 160 4V is the best for racing and speeding, but with the addition GTT it is also good for low speed city rides and traffic jams.


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