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Adventure With Nepali Wheels

This is the most awaited and first ever NEPALIWHEELS flagship show. Adventure with Nepali Wheels happened on the 13th of Falgun, 2079. On this day the NepaliWheels team along with the luckiest winners of the lucky draw; Ms. Sumi Neupane, Mr. Deepak Prasad Neupane and Mr. Sujan Shrestha and their partners went on a ride to Bhotechaur. This unforgettable ride through the beautiful landscapes of the highway to Bhotechaur is captured in this upcoming video. I bet you all are super eager to watch the Adventure with NepaliWheels video.
The ride started at around 7 in morning where all the participants, their partners and the NepaliWheels team gathered at Cafe Soma, Baluwatar. There they had a good team breakfast and discussed the day's itinerary. The participants were well informed and educated on what they should expect from the events and activities throughout the day. The entire team then headed to the fuel stations to get ready for the ride part of the day.
As the participants drove through the roads to Bhotechaur they were photographed and videotaped by our amazing production team. The ride till Heaven Hill Resort was indeed mesmerizing and really fun. At the resort after every participant reached, the entire team had the best Nepali Lunch and rested until the “REAL FUN” began. Exciting Games with the participants, their partners and even their scooters started. Not gonna reveal all the fun details here, the youtube video on our channel will explain it all. There were prizes and top notch competition among the players, that was definitely a sight to see. Later as the day was ending, and sadly was our adventure with NepaliWheels, they gathered for light snacks and conversation and interview session with our lovely host Keroz. The entire day was productive and obviously a fun one. Our team and the participants were definitely super exhausted by the end of the ride but the view, activities and the adventure was all worth it.
We cannot wait for all of you to watch the “Adventure with NepaliWheels” video on our youtube channel. There are more adventures and NepaliWheels trips to come so keep yourself updated and keep the anticipation alive!!!

Until then take care, ride safe and keep exploring.


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