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Activities During Monsoon

The monsoon season may obstruct many recreational activities that refreshes an individual physically as well as mentally. Among these activities lies going on short rides and destinations. Almost everyone would want to escape the scorching summer sun and feel the breeze while riding one’s two-wheeler. The first sip of hot tea; amidst the breeze, at a local shop once you reach the destination, rekindles the feeling of freshness and energy within an individual. There is a wide population of enthusiasts who enjoy going on short rides during the monsoon season. Thus, we have curated a list of places that would be considered best for a short monsoon ride.

1. Tarebhir, Gokarneshwor
Distance from KTM: 13.6 km
Duration: 40-45 minutes
Two-wheeler type: Bike, Scooters, Electric Scooters
Things to do: After the short ride, one can park their two-wheeler and walk around the area or have dry picnics.

2. Bhedachaur, Markhu, Pharping
Distance from KTM: 45-47 km
Duration: 3 hours (depends on the road condition)
Two-wheeler type: Bike, Scooter
Things to do: The kulekhani dam has always been a major attraction of the area, with now well managed boating routes, restaurants and resorts around this area. Markhu and chitlang lie within the 10 km radius from Bhedachaur and are accessible by roadways, hiking trails and bicycle trails as well.

3. Pilot Baba Ashram, Bhaktapur
Distance from KTM: 6.5 km
Duration: 20-25 minutes (depends on the city traffic)
Two-wheeler type: Bike, Scooter, Electric Scooters
Things to do: This place gets its name from the famous Pilot Baba Ashram. It is a destination for the people who want to escape the hustle of the valley and meditate in the peaceful structure. Now, people visit the area as a weekend destination filled with restaurants and picnic spots. The black topped roads are well maintained and every type of vehicle can be taken to this destination.

4. Phulchowki, Godawari
Distance from KTM: 20-25 km
Duration: 2 hours (depends on the city traffic)
Two-wheeler type: Bikes with wider tyres and stronger grip
Things to do: It is the highest point of Lalitpur standing at almost 2800m from the sea level. The trails are slippery and paved with roads making it an adventure destination for ride enthusiasts on heavy adventure and trail bikes. The Phulchowki temple is visited by many devotees all year round.

5. Dakshinkali
Distance from KTM: 20-25 km
Duration: 40-45 minutes
Two-wheeler type: Bike, Scooter
Things to do: The Dakshinkali area has many attractions around its vicinity. Some of them include the Dakshinkali Temple, Taudaha Lake, ChampaDevi Hiking Trail, Hattiban Resort and other amazing places. The biking trails around the area of Hattiban Resort are perfect for adventure bikers and also serve as overnight camp ground after hours.


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