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5 tips and guide for beginners to ride a bike

5 tips and guide for beginners to ride a bike

The population of two-wheelers and two-wheeler riders is growing at a rapid rate in Nepal. Looking at the status of the roads and alleys of Nepal, two-wheelers are the most convenient form of personal transportation in moving from one location to the other. These two-wheelers are used in every urban city to a suburban town as it is an easier and faster mode of transportation. There is a vigorously growing number of two-wheeler riders who need to know the basics to be safe when driving the bike or scooter.

We have listed the 5 tips and guide for beginners to ride a bike.

  • Know your VEHICLE!!!
  • Safety Gears is a must!
  • Always abide by the traffic rules!
  • Regular Maintenance is necessary!
  • Insurance!


Know your VEHICLE!!!

If you do not not where the indicator lights are placed and how to turn it off, if you do not know how your vehicles would react to a sudden break or heavy acceleration, if you do not understand the mechanism between the clutch and the movement of the vehicle, if you do not understand how the automatic engine turn off function works it is useless to be driving the vehicle. Especially when new riders are unaware of the minute features in their two-wheeler it may cause unpredictable casualties due a small mistake that they may be unaware of. Thus, it is important to go on guided test rides before riding on the roads alone. Most importantly “ride what you can balance and handle easily.”


Safety Gears is a must!

Be it a helmet, riding gloves, chest guards for the winter, or to get a bit extra knee pads and leg pads, it is essential to invest in these safety riding gears. Two-wheelers expose the rider directly into their environments where situations are unpredictable and thus to always be safe, it is really important for a new rider to be aware of investing in good quality and well built safety gears for their own protection.


Always abide by the traffic rules!

Traffic signals, road signs, road ethics, each of these elements must be carefully fulfilled so that the rider is being ethical. Correct way to overtake a vehicle, safe distance between vehicles must always be in mind. Traffic rules are things that you cannot miss to obey or the consequences could actually result in casualties.


Regular Maintenance is necessary!

Vehicles are machines that are operated by the riders and they must also be taken care of. New riders are recommended to visit the service stations themselves and learn more about their two-wheeler in-person when it is being serviced. Similarly, regular checks before rides are crucial to identify any mishap before one is on the road.



According to the Vehicle Act of Nepal, it is compulsory to have third-party liability when purchased. But just a third-party insurance would not be enough to cover all the possible damage to the bike and the riders. Thus, a new rider should immediately appeal for a two-wheeler insurance at a trusted insurance firm to keep them and their vehicle insured of any mishap that happens to them.




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