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5 Best Electric Scooter

NIU is the first lifestyle brand that heavily promotes Technology, Style and Freedom in the Chinese urban mobility market. NIU’s NQi GT is the flagship scooter from the company. This is the most powerful scooter NIU has ever launched. It meets all of the criteria for a quality scooter, which makes it ideal for the roads of Nepal. The most prominent features of the scooter that sets it apart from its competitors in the market are listed below:
- Dual 26 Ah lithium-ion battery system
- 60V, 3000W motor
- Two 4200Wh batteries, Charge Time: 6 hours
- Three distinct driving modes: Sports, Dynamic, E-save
- Cloud ECU
- Remote control key
- Iconic Halo light and one-piece wrap-around tail light
- Full LED lighting system with 360° illumination
- TFT dashboard and user-friendly controls
- USB charging ports, passenger handles and retractable footrest
- 18.9 liters underseat storage
- Warranty: 2 years vehicles, 5 years battery life cycle
Priced at Rs. 4,45,000, the scooter is available in standard range and extended range versions in White, Black and Gray color variants.

2. Super Soco CPx
Super Soco’s list of two-wheelers come under being among the most expensive electric scooters available in Nepal. This UK based company has been able to produce a wide range of e-scooters and e-bikes, which are both powerful and futuristic looking. Super soco’s entrance in the rapidly growing electric two-wheeler industry of Nepal has changed the market in many ways. The CPx model of the company is one of its most powerful electric scooters available. Below listed are the features that separates the Super soco’s legacy from the other available alternatives:
- 60V45AH battery and a 4000W motor
- Sharp and Futuristic design
- Carbon Steel rear carrier
- One Push Reverse button
- Peak Speed: 95 km/h, Range: 100 kilometers
- Double Disc Brakes (CBS)
- Remote Control key
- Charge Time: 3 and a half hours
- Anti-theft security function
- USB Charging ports
- Keyless ignition with alarm
- Three riding levels
- Warranty: 2 years vehicle, 3 years battery and motor
Priced at Rs. 4,79,900 (Single battery) and Rs. 599900 (Double battery), this scooter is available in colors Black, Silver and Gray.

3. Yadea G5
Yadea promotes its smarter, sleeker and greener scooters with utmost devotion to change the generation to e-travel. This vietnamese and china made electric vehicles have a variety of scooters and electric bicycles in its list of products. The Yadea G5 stands out to be the best in its list for the Nepali Market. According to the company, the G5 defines the standard lithium electric moped that is a combination of the company’s strong manufacturing advantage and its technological strengths. These are the lsit of features that make the Yadea G5 so special:
- Sleek and slim body
- LED Light set
- GTR 3.0 Broadband Motor
- IP57 Waterproof Rating
- 7-inch VA LCD Speed-meter
- Opposed Cylinder Disc Brakes
- Cold-rolled Steeless frames
- 60V32Ah Panasonic Lithium (Dual Battery)
- Charging Time: 6 hours, Battery Life Cycle: 800 cycles
- Max 3100W Central Motor System
- Top Speed: 45-60km/h, Range: 120-130km
- 26 Liter storage space
- Warranty: 2 years vehicle, 2 years battery and motor
Priced at Rs. 3,45,000, it is available in Red, Blue, Black and White color variants.

4. Segway E125
Segway has claimed its position as the global leader for short distance transportation and robotic services industry. It has always amazed the market and its audience with the most innovative and chic smart electric two-wheelers and other inventions. Segway, being popular for its cutting-edge short-distance electric vehicles, has launched its stylish new model E-125, for the Nepali market. Here, are some interesting features of the Segway E-125:
- Sleek, Simple and Minimalistic look
- Red Dot Design award, 2020
- Matrix LED headlights
- Stronger Carbon Steel body
- 74V-27A , 2000wh Bosch-tailored lithium battery
- 2.4 kw power with a tailored brushless electric motor
- Charging Time: 5 to 6 hours, Battery Life Cycle: 800 cycles
- Top Speed: 75 km/h, Range: 60 to 120 km
- 22 Liter underseat storage
- IPX5 Waterproof Rating
- Bosh 10th generation dual-channel ABS brakes
- Segway’s patented anti-skid tubeless tyres
- Remote Control keys
- Advanced anti-theft system
- Warranty: 2 year battery and motor
Priced at Rs. 3,91,000, the scooter is available in silver and white color variants.

5. Doohan Uranus
Kaliber Auto has been distributing Doohan Electric Scooters in Nepal and has been continuously launching some unique electric two-wheelers in the market. They have recently brought in the first three wheeler electric scooter in Nepal, named the iTank and iTango. The Uranus and E-swan are the more urban friendly versions of the Doohan Electric scooter. Doohan’s best-selling model; Uranus is suitable for those looking for class, power, space and electric acceleration and those who like to ride in pairs. The scooter features are listed below:
- 72V 26Ah Lithium Battery ( LG / Panasonic )
- 3000W DC Brushless Motor
- Top Speed: 45kmph (single battery), 70kmph (dual battery)
- Range: 50km (single battery), 90km (dual battery)
- Auto Adapting LED lamp
- LCD dashboard
- Integrated Tail light
- Dual Battery storage  -compartment
- Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours
- Warranty: 1 year battery and motor
Priced at Rs. 3,21,900, it is available in Red, Black, White, Purple and Blue color variants. Detailed review videos on the NIU NQi GT/S and Segway E-125 are available on the Nepaliwheels website and youtube channel.


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